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๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ฑ: Rap sensation Noizy sets his sights on Eurovision participation

Could his massive following lead him to FIK glory?

He is one of the leading public figures in Albania, with numerous number one singles and huge collaborations to his name, but could a stint at Eurovision be next on the cards for Noizy?

In an interview posted earlier today by ABC News Albania on its main YouTube channel, the star spoke of his desire of competing in the contest.

โ€œI would like to go to Eurovision. I would do my best. I have many strong fans who would support me and I would not leave Albania in the mud. I would not disappoint the Albanians. I don’t know how it works to enter. If anyone sees this video, the producers who deal with that work will be interested to see this because I will have an impact and we will go very high. I don’t care about winning, but about being there, and I guarantee that the fact that I will be there will become something big, and the song itself would also become big.โ€ – Noizy


Noizy rose to prominence in the mid naughties and was a regular fixture on the Albanian festival circuit with appearances in both Top Fest & Kenga Magjike, but has enjoyed significant commercial success since 2015.

He has also enjoyed success outside of his native Albania, in 2017 his collaboration โ€œNummer 1โ€ with German rapper Zuna became a platinum single in Germany, and later his 2018 release โ€œGangoโ€ with Snik reached number 1 in Greece, he later performed alongside Snik at the 2019 MAD VMA awards.

It remains to be seen if Noizy will compete in this yearโ€™s Festivali i Kรซnges for the right to become Albaniaโ€™s next Eurovision representative, we can expect more information regarding the 61st edition of the song festival later in the year.

Be sure to keep up with all things Eurobuzz as we slowly approach the 2023 season!

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