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Australia Decides: Grand Final Preview ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

On Saturday, 26th February at 10:30 am CET/9:30 am GMT, Australia will make their choice for Turin 2022. Each year, Australians wake up early in order to watch Eurovision live, so it seems only fitting that Europeans do the same to see who the nation will be sending to the contest.

In November and December, the artists were revealed ahead of the show. Since then, two more artists were announced.

Evie Irie will be duetting with Isaiah, on the song ‘When I’m With You’. She’s a pop singer from New South Wales. She’s a current rising star in Australia and will be taking to the stage with the aim of making it to Eurovision in May with Isaiah, who previously came 9th in ESC in 2017.

Erica Padilla is from Melbourne and has 1.2 million followers on TikTok. She was selected by SBS during their TikTok Wildcard round to take part in the contest. She’ll be hoping her followers translate into votes during the night for her entry ‘To The Bottom’.

For information on all of the other acts, you can find them in our previews. For the first Sheldon Riley, Andrew Lambrou, Isaiah, G-Nat!on, Jaguar Jonze and Paulini, you can click here. For Seann Miley Moore, Voyager, Jude York and Charley, you can click here.

Whilst there are 11 artists taking part, only one can win. Here are all the frontrunners ahead of the show.

Voyager – ‘Dreamer’

Voyager was one of the first acts to release their Australia Decides entry ‘Dreamer’ and they’ve managed to hold a high place in the odds despite the rest of the songs coming out at a later date. They’re on track to become the Australian entry for ESC 2022, and the first-ever rock song sent by Australia, a new avenue that would be great for the nation to go down in the new decade.

You can listen to Dreamer below!

Charley – ‘I Suck At Being Lonely’

Charley has found herself in the top 3 of the odds to win Australia Decides with her mellow and personal ballad ‘I Suck At Being Lonely’. She has become a favourite with fans, and if she puts in a good performance she may be heading to Turin in May. We’re currently without a strong female ballad in Eurovision 2022, and ‘I Suck At Being Lonely’ may be a great song to fill that spot.

You can hear ‘I Suck At Being Lonely below!

Sheldon Riley – ‘Not The Same’

Sheldon Riley has always been on people’s radar as a potential winner, and ever since he released ‘Not The Same’ the momentum behind his potential win has only grown. A strong, dark ballad that has a relatable message paired with an expected solid performance from Sheldon (if his others are anything to go by) could see him as Australias 2022 entry. He’s well ahead at the top of the odds, and his lead is only increasing.

You can listen to ‘Not The Same’ below!

The running order for Australia Decides is:

  1. G-Nat!on – ‘Bite Me’
  2. Erica Padilla – ‘To The Bottom’
  3. Seann Miley Moore – ‘My Body’
  4. Charley – ‘I Suck At Being Lonely’
  5. Andrew Lambrou – ‘Electrify’
  6. Sheldon Riley – Not The Same’
  7. Paulini – ‘We Are One’
  8. Jaguar Jonze – ‘Little Fires’
  9. Isaiah & Evie Irie – ‘When I’m With You’
  10. Voyager – ‘Dreamer’
  11. Jude York – ‘I Won’t Need To Dream’

You can watch Australia Decides Live on Facebook here: SBS Eurovision

Who is your favourite to win? Let us know in the comments!

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