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Who are LUMI!X and Pia Maria? All You Need To Know about Austria’s 2022 Artists ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น

Learn more about artists behind 2022’s EDM banger

Back in February on the Austrian radio show ร–3-Wecker, it was announced that the DJ LUM!X will represent Austria at Eurovision 2022 with the song “Halo”. LUM!X will be joined on stage by a music industry newbie Pia Maria who is singing on the track. Want to know more about them? We have you covered!

Who is LUM!X?

Luca Michlmayr, better known as LUM!X, has had some huge global hits, most notably his sample of “Monster” (originally by Meg & Dia), with Gabry Ponte in 2019. This song currently has over 224 million listens on Spotify. He is currently based in Milan – not far from Turin at all! LUM!X is currently part of Spinnin’ Records, one of the most respected dance and EDM record labels in the world. If like your EDM, many of your favourite hits will be part of Spinnin’ Records.

Who is Pia Maria?

Pia Maria is very much an up and coming artist and has been writing her own songs since she was sixteen. The eighteen year old is from Tyrol, Austria and is actually a trained make-up artist. She currently works at the Tyrolean State Theatre in Innsbruck where she’ll do anything from theatrical make-up to special effects.

How Will Halo Do At ESC?

As we talked about when the duo were announced, this EDM style of music really has a tendency to flop at Eurovision. But when Halo was released on 11th March, this time it felt different. It immediately became a hit among the fandom and it is constantly in the most streamed Eurovision 2022 songs each week on Spotify. At the time of writing, it’s just about to hit 4 million streams.

However, (and unfortunately it’s a big one!) during the pre-party season, Pia Maria had some big issues with her live vocals of “Halo”. ORF’s Eurovision scout, Eberhard Forcher stated that she has been struggling with long COVID and has inexperience with in-ear monitors. They then confirmed they’ve hired a vocal coach for Pia Maria to prepare for Eurovision 2022. Let’s hope this pays off for Austria, as this song definitely has the legs to get a good result for the nation.

A European audience will always have an ear for an EDM style track, and this one even plays on the current 80s throwback style that’s popular within the charts. Relating to this, the juries love a good radio friendly tune, so if she can get the vocals right, anything is possible for Austria. But for now, there are too many question marks until rehearsals. Let’s wait and see!

You can listen to Halo below!

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