Bulgaria ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ Turin 2022

Who are Intelligent Music Project? All you need to know about Bulgaria’s 2022 artists ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ

Everything you need to know about the artist behind โ€˜Intention’

They were the first artist and song revealed for Eurovision 2022: what do we know about them so far in the lead up to Turin? Let’s take a deeper dive into the group, their song and what has really got fans talking – BNT’s Twitter account!

Who are Intelligent Music Project?

Intelligent Music Project are a supergroup made up of members from both Bulgaria and Chile. They were founded in 2012 by Bulgarian businessman, Milen Vrabevski. The members of the group are Chilean vocalist Ronnie Romero, Bisser Ivanov, Slavin Slavcev, Ivo Stefanov, Dimitar Sirakov and Stoyan Yankulov. Stoyan will be a familiar name to many Eurovision fans, as he has previously represented Bulgaria at Eurovision with Elitsa Todorova in 2007 placing fifth with ‘Water’, and again in 2013 where they finished 12th in the semi-final with ‘Samo shampioni’. As well as this, Ronnie is a very well-respected name in rock music; his career has seen him front the band Rainbow and perform alongside a rock legend, Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple. Let’s also not forget Slavin’s accomplishment: he won the Bulgarian X Factor in 2014. Intelligent Music Project currently have six full length albums released.

A Closer Look at ‘Intention’

‘Intention’ was the very first song released for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Its genre is undoubtedly classic rock to its core from the moment you press play, starting with a heavy guitar riff. As the song progresses, it’s most certainly joined together with these guitar riffs and the strength of Ronnie’s voice. We can’t forget the guitar solo in the bridge too! The lyrical theme focuses on the everyday disputes of life, never giving up, and taking challenges head on:

My intention is strong and real

Only power steels my will

The illusion of safetyโ€™s surreal

Donโ€™t let it go for the kill

Lyrics: Intention – Intelligent Music Project

BNT, IMP and Social Media

I feel like we can’t do an article about Bulgaria’s 2022 participation without talking about their broadcaster, BNT’s Twitter account! They have been seriously pushing and promoting their act in well…a bit of an unconventional way! But it’s certainly keeping Eurovision fans talking about an entry that could’ve easily slipped to the back of our minds and that’s extremely important in the digital age we’re living in. Let’s take a look a three standout moments for BNT’s Twitter account so far (we’re sure they’ll be more to come!)

Moving up on the ESC Scoreboard App

BNT put out a challenge to fans to get Bulgaria at the top of the popular Eurovision Scoreboard App – and although they did not manage to reach the top many fans did show their support and did manage to move them up the scoreboard. Small victories, right?

The final placing of ‘Intention’

Fans have been loving the confidence that the delegation have in their entry. This confidence was particularly apparent when the account tweeted asking where ‘Intention’ will finish at Eurovision 2022 with some very…optimistic options. Still, fans backed them all the way as the winners, despite the current odds and fan rankings saying otherwise. The openness of this Twitter account is really being rewarded. Is it ironic or not? You can decide!

Their stance on NFTs

Some Eurovision artists have been dipping their toes into NFTs, which of course is a huge topic for another day, but the general consensus is that Eurovision fans are against these. A fan tweeted saying Marius Bear’s (Switzerland 2022) reveal of releasing NFTs topped the craziness of the BNT Twitter account. In turn, the delegation responded saying they do not support these which fans absolutely adored and respected. The straight-to-the-point comment is something that has gone down well on social media and not something you often seen big corporations be so open about.

‘Intention’ might not be gaining much love or traction from fans this year. However, the BNT Twitter account has certainly got the Eurovision community talking about the act throughout the whole season. It’s a great tactic to keep Bulgaria front of mind whether you’re streaming ‘Intention’ or not! No one is forgetting Bulgaria this year because of this and that’s extremely important in a field of 40 songs. Whether this turns into points is a different matter…

How well will Intelligent Music Project do at ESC?

As discussed, the song isn’t to most Eurofans’ liking and it’s hard to see the general public getting attached to it either. Classic rock is a very familiar and lovable sound which has transcended across decades but there is a danger of it sounding dated. Unfortunately, ‘Intention’ may fall into this category for many as well as lacking impact. The guitar solo does give it some much needed kick but it does stay very one note throughout. Nonetheless, Eurovision is never as black and white as it seems; the band have great stage presence and have had slick performances at the pre-parties so let’s see what happens!

What do you think of Bulgaria’s 2022 entry? How do you rate their broadcaster’s Twitter account? Let us know in the comments!

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