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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡พ Is ‘All Together Now’ The Right Approach For Cyprus In 2023?

Cyprus is reportedly using ‘All Together Now’ to choose their Eurovision 2023 artist. Is this the right direction for them to take?

After breaking their 7-year qualification streak with ‘Ela’ by Andromache, Cyprus is changing direction for how they are choosing their artist for Eurovision. Since 2016, Cyprus have opted for internal selections, a method that had generally worked out well for them (giving them their best-ever result in 2018). However, OGAE Greece have reported that from 2023, Cyprus will use a national final to choose their Eurovision entrant, in the form of ‘All Together Now’, a BBC talent show that has been replicated across 18 countries. But is this the right approach for Cyprus to take going forwards?

The format of All Together Now usually follows singers taking to the stage and being judged by ‘The 100’, a panel of one hundred music experts and performers (in the Cypriot version of the show the panel will be reduced to 50). Members of The 100 will press their buzzer if they judge the performance to be good, equating to one point per member. The idea is for singers to try and achieve a high enough score with The 100 to advance through the heats, and eventually win. UK Eurovision 2019 representative Michael Rice won the UK version of All Together Now in 2018, scoring an impressive 100 points with his rendition of ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner.

It’s likely that All Together Now will just be used to choose the artist, then the song would be internally selected afterwards, in a similar vein to the X Factor format in Israel and Malta. This may be the right direction for Cyprus to take, as their result in 2022 was likely due to the performance rather than the song. Ela was well-received in the fandom and expected to qualify ahead of the contest; however, the wobbly vocals and lack of stage presence in the semi final performance likely stopped it from qualifying to the final. The All Together Now format will hopefully choose a singer that can perform well at Eurovision, while still being able to choose a suitable song internally. In addition, the selection’s panel will comprise Eurovision participants, prominent Greek and Cypriot singers, and OGAE members from Cyprus and Greece. Having a panel that includes Eurovision participants and fans is a promising prospect, as it shows that the Cypriot broadcaster is keen to make the right decision for Eurovision 2023.

A potential setback for the All Together Now format is that it has not been tried and tested in the context of Eurovision, so we cannot anticipate how well this will work for Cyprus in 2023. The nearest comparison we have is the UK in 2019, where the winner from All Together Now 2018 ended up representing the UK the following year. Even in this case, it was not a successful formula for the UK in 2019, who ended up coming last in Eurovision that year.

It’s unclear whether this national final format will lead to Cyprus getting back into the Eurovision grand final, but a change of direction is probably the right idea, even if there’s no guarantee it will work out this year. Nevertheless, the Cypriot All Together Now is expected to take place before the end of 2022, so we could look forward to having our first entry from Eurovision 2023 coming from Cyprus! (Sorry Albania)

Do you think ‘All Together Now’ is the right approach for Cyprus in Eurovision 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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