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๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ช Eesti Laul 2022: Quarter-Final 1 Artists Revealed

This year, Estonia have enlarged their Eurovision selection process, by including 4 Quarter-finals (of 10 artists each) to take place over 4 consecutive Saturdayโ€™s in November and December.

Tonight on the Estonian TV show, Ringvaade, ETV revealed the 10 artists who will compete in this Saturday’s show, along with the song titles for each act. There are some recognisable names in this weeks line-up, including 2 former Estonian entrants, and several Eesti Laul alumni. But which 5 will qualify for the semi-finals next February?

Jaagup Tuisk

Jaagup may already be known to fans of Eesti Laul, having previously competed in 2020 with Beautiful Lie, where he finished in 2nd place. The 20-year old returns this year with the song “Kui vaid” (“If Only”).


Boamadu is a 4-piece pop-rock band, consisting of Pets (Vocals, Guitar), Keith (Guitar, Vocals), Rox (Bass, Vocals), and Veli (Drums/Percussion). They released an EP, Dekadents, in 2020. They will compete in Eesti Laul with the song “Mitte kauaks” (“Not For Long”).

Evelin Samuel

Evelin previously represented Estonia at Eurovision 1999 alongside Camille, finishing 6th with the song Diamond of Night, having previously provided backing vocals in 1997. She competes this year with the song “Waterfall”.

Fiona and Me

Fiona and Me will compete in the contest with the song “Feel Like This”. There is currently no further information available online about this act, perhaps a big surprise awaits us?


Kรฉa is another returnee to Eesti Laul this year, having previously competed in 2016 (Lonely Boy – 9th) and 2021 (Hypnotized – 11th in semi-final). Her song this year is called “Everytime”.

Peeter Pรตder

Peeter Pรตder will compete in Eesti Laul with the song “Koos lรตpuni” (“Together to the end”). There is no information about this act online.

Little Mess

Yet another act who have competed in Eesti Laul before, Little Mess are a 3-piece girl band. After failing to make the final in 2020 with the song “Without a Reason”, they will be hoping for success this year with the song โ€œHea pรคevโ€ (“Good Day”)


Maian was born in Tallinn, and was a featured in Karl-Kristjan & Whogaux’s 2017 Eesti Laul entry, “Have You Now”, which finished 4th. This year, Maian is competing with the song “Meeletu” (“Insane”).


Often credited by the name, Stig Rรคsta, he previously represented Estonia in 2015 alongside Elina Born, finishing 7th with “Goodbye To Yesterday”. Stig returns to Eesti Laul this year with “Interstellar”.


The band Traffic have competed in Eesti Laul on no fewer than 4 occasions, the most recent being 2020. Boasting the aforementioned Mr Rรคsta as one of their members, although this year it looks like they may be seperate, their song this year is called “Kaua veel” (“A long time to go”).

The first quarter final of Eesti Laul airs this Saturday at 8:35pm CET where 5 of these 10 acts, based on their music videos alone, will qualify for the semi-final – the first 3 will be chosen by televoting, with the final 2 being selected by the jury! Make sure to follow EuroBuzz on all our social media platforms for all of the latest Eesti Laul news as National Final season gets underway.

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