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๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ช Eesti Laul Quarter-Final 2 Artists Revealed

Helen is among the returnees to the latest edition of Eesti Laul

This year, Estonia have enlarged their Eurovision selection process, by including 4 Quarter-finals (of 10 artists each) to take place over 4 consecutive Saturdayโ€™s in November and December.

Tonight on the Estonian TV show, Ringvaade, ETV revealed the 10 artists who will compete in the second quarter final this Saturday, along with the song titles for each act. Notably, all 10 songs this week are in Estonian. But which 5 will qualify for February’s semi-finals?


Helen may be familiar to some Eesti Laul viewers, as she competed last year with the song Nii kรตrgele! Unfortunately she failed to make it through her semi-final. She will no doubt be hoping to do better this year with the song “Vaata minu poole”ย (“Look at me”)


7-piece Country-Rock band Wiiralt also participated in 2021 with the song Tuuled, however they also failed to make the final. They too will be hoping to have more luck in this year’s contest, with their song “Kuradile” (“Damn It”).


Another returnee to Eesti Laul this time, Desiree last participated in 2018 with “On My Mind”. However, like both Helen and Wiiralt, Desiree also failed to make the final on that occasion. Can she go one better with her song this year, “Siiani” (“So far”)?

Andrei Zevakin feat. Grete Paia

Grete Paia will also be known to Eesti Laul fans, having taken part several times in the past, most recently in 2019. Andrei also participated in 2019, as part of xtra basic. He then competed alongside Pluuto in 2021 with Wingman. Will this combination prove successful this year? They compete with “Mis nรผรผd saab” (“What now”).

Silver Jusilo

Silver Jusilo is a guitarist and songwriter, and released the EP Okelud in 2018. He will be hoping for gold in this competition, with the song “Elu rรผpes” (“In the midst of life”).


Jyrise has already released several singles in 2021, such as Lappes (with Lehis and Valges) and California. How will he fare in Eesti Laul with the song “Plaksuta” (“Clap”)?

Frants Tikerpuu ja Triin Niitoja

Frants is a music producer from Tallin, and recently produced Ott Lepland’s song, Maailm me kรคes. Triin has also had several singles, such as Kaitseingel and Lubadused. The pair compete in Eesti Laul with “Laululind” (“Songbird”).


An-Marlen is described by Youtube as “an upcoming talent from Estonia, whoโ€™s music has influences from garage, dance, rโ€™nโ€™b and soul music”. She has released songs such as “Golden” and “Behind the Illusion”. She will take part in Eesti Laul with the song “Lรตpuks muutub”ย (“It finally changes”)


Another returnee to the contest, Meisterjaan reached the final in 2016 where he came 5th with Parmupillihullus. Hoping for as much success this year, he will sing “Vahel lihtsalt”ย (“Sometimes just”) in Eesti Laul

Kaia-Liisa Kesler

Kaia-Liisa has also released singles in the past, most recently Carry On at the start of 2021. She now appears in Eesti Laul with “Vaikus”ย (“Silence”).

The second quarter final of Eesti Laul airs this Saturday at 8:35pm CET where 5 of these 10 acts, based on their music videos alone, will qualify for the semi-final – the first 3 will be chosen by televoting, with the final 2 being selected by the jury! Make sure to follow EuroBuzz on all our social media platforms for all of the latest Eesti Laul news as National Final season gets underway.

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