Estonia ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ช Turin 2022

๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ช Eesti Laul Quarter-Final 4 Artists Revealed

This year, Estonia have enlarged their Eurovision selection process, by including 4 Quarter-finals (of 10 artists each) to take place over 4 consecutive Saturdays in November and December.

Tonight on the Estonian TV show, Ringvaade, ETV revealed the 10 artists who will compete in this Saturday’s show, along with the song titles for each act. But which 5 will qualify for the semi-finals next February?

Eleryn Tiit

Eleryn has released several singles recently, including Kรตikjal kรตiges and Homseni in 2021. She makes her Eesti Laul debut with the song “Tunnete Keel” (“The Lanuguage of Feelings”).

Pรบr Mรบdd & Shira

After competing – and being eliminated – in quarter-final 3, Shira now teams up with the duo, Pรบr Mรบdd, for the song “Golden Shores”. Will this song fare better than “Under Water” did last week?


Another debutant in Eesti Laul this year, LA-based Elysa has released several songs in the past, including “Famous” in 2017 alongside JQ, and “Undercover” more recently. She competes in this contest with the song “Fire”.


Sadly, there is currently no information about Dramanda online. We will see on Saturday if their song “Tule minu sisse” (“Come Inside Me”) will be enough to qualify to the semi-finals.

Emily J

A returnee to Eesti Laul this week, Emily J last competed in 2019 alongside xtra basic, reaching the final with Hold Me Close. Will her solo effort this year, “Quicksilver” be as successful?

Ott Lepland

Fresh from hosting the show last Saturday, Ott Lepland turns his hand to competing this week with the song “Aovalguses” (“In The Light Of Dawn”). He will, of course, be wanting to replicate his success in 2012, where he won Eesti Laul and went on to finish 6th at Eurovision with “Kuula”.


Sadly, there is currently no information about Jessica online. Will her song, “My Mom”, be good enough to qualify for the final?

Minimal Wind ft. elisabeth tiffany

Likewise, there is very little information on these artists, although it appears Minimal Wind is a band. It remains to be seen what fans will make of their song, “What To Make Of This”.


Ariadne makes a return to Eesti Laul this year, having finished 6th in the 2017 final with “Feel Me Now”. Will she match – or even better – that success with “Shouldn’t Be Friends” this year?

Black Velvet

Black Velvet is a 3-piece band, who released ร•li Tulle in September 2021. They compete in Eesti Laul for the first time this year with the song “Sandra”.

The fourth and final quarter final of Eesti Laul airs this Saturday at 8:35pm CET where 5 of these acts – 3 chosen by televoting, and 2 by the jury – based on their music videos alone, will qualify for the semi-finals. The semi-finals will air on 3 and 5 February, and will also consist of 10 artists, with 5 acts from each qualifying to the Final! Make sure to follow EuroBuzz on all our social media platforms for all of the latest Eesti Laul news as National Final season continues.

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