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Eesti Laul 2022: Artists We’d Like to See ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ช

The revamped Eesti Laul has got fans excited about what is next for Estonia at the contest. The national final for 2022 will feature new quarter-final rounds that will take place in November, by showcasing music videos of the hopeful songs. Eesti Laul has developed a bit of a cult following over the years, however many will argue it’s now ready for a format shakeup to help keep Estonia in the mix at Eurovision. We take a look at some artists we’d love to see flying the flag for the Baltic state.

Eleryn Tiit

Eleryn Tiit’s short but impressive back catalogue brings a mixture of modern pop sounds with her soft, airy vocal. We could definitely see her taking the stage with a powerful pop ballad in her mother tongue. Relativity unknown, she’s definitely one to keep an eye on in the Baltic music scene.

Eleryn Tiit songs we’d recommend

  • Kรตikjal Kรตiges (An Estonian cover of I Love You Always Forever – Donnia Lewis)
  • Vaikin
  • Ma Enam Sind Ei Tea

Daniel Levi

This Estonian/American artist keeps the energy up! His back catalogue will make you want to dance from the first listen. Daniel Levi fuses a mixture of funk, soul and EDM and would certainly bring the heat to the Eesti Laul stage. His funky baselines are certainly on trend and if you like Benjamin Ingrosso – he’s definitely one to check out.

Daniel Levi songs we’d recommend

  • One On One
  • Jasmine
  • Uncle John

Jaagup Tuisk

A name very familiar to Eurovision fans, Jaagup Tuisk finished second in Eesti Laul 2020 with the song “Beautiful Lie” – but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t still bring a lot to the national final. Since his second-place finish, he has only gone on leaps and bounds in developing his artistry. He’s experimented with different styles of pop, including the prominent 80s trend – as well as a Latina infused track. Jaaqup has proven his versatility and we’d love to see him back on the Eesti Laul stage!

Jaagup Tuisk songs we’d recommend

  • Miinusprojekt
  • Bachata
  • Ma ju tean

Tommy Cash

Tommy Cash definitely isn’t your traditional cookie-cutter Eurovision artist – but it’s clear that what fits into the mould of a Eurovision performance is certainly changing. Tallinn-born Tommy Cash first caught international attention with his shocking music videos for songs such as “Winaloto” and since then has cemented himself in the rap scene. With collaborations with names such as Charli XCX, IC3PEAK, 100 gecs and Little Big – he’s dipped his toes across multiple genres such as rave, hyperpop and electropop. With his nonconformist style and no-filter lyrics, he would bring a whole new take and flair that’s never been seen before at the contest.

Tommy Cash songs we’d recommend

  • Zuccenberg
  • Benz-Dealer
  • Winaloto

Sibyl Vane

Another Eesti Laul alumni, Sibyl Vane are an Indie-pop dream. Their track “Thousand Words” competited in the national final in 2018 – featuring a strong, catchy vocal hook that will stick in your head for the rest of the day. Their latest 2020 album, “Duchess”, features tracks in similar vain and it would be great to see the band try their luck again at the contest. Will Mรฅneskin’s success and with European powerhouse Hooverphonic taking the stage, will this see bands like Sibyl Vane want to venture back into the Eurovision experience?

Sibyl Vane songs we’d recommend

  • I Want You
  • Go Baby Go
  • Up Up Down

Estonia in the last 10 years at Eurovision have been really hit or miss, their top 10 finishes have been some of the most loved in the fandom such as the 2015 hit “Goodbye To Yesterday”. On the other end of the spectrum, non qualifies such as their 2021 entry “The Lucky One” didn’t make much noise at all. Are you hopeful that the new Eesti Laul format will inject a new life into Estonia at Eurovision? Let us know whoโ€™d youโ€™d like to see at this iconic national final!

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