Finland ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ Turin 2022

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu: Grand Final Preview ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

UMK is back! Tonight 7 artists will take the stage with the hopes of securing their ticket to Turin.

Following on from Blind Channel receiving the most successful Finnish placement since their win in 2006 โ€“ โ€˜Dark Sideโ€™ placed 6th โ€“ the nation will be looking for another strong placement in 2022.

Here are all of the contestants taking part in the final of UMK.

The Rasmus – ‘Jezebel’

Back in January when The Rasmus were first revealed to be in the lineup, both national and international fans were excited. They’re one of the most popular and well-known bands from Finland, forming in 1994 and achieving worldwide success. Their international breakthrough came in 2003, with their song ‘In The Shadows’ hitting the top 3 in charts across Europe, and their success continued into the late 2000s. Whilst they may no longer be at the height of their fame, they still seem to be extremely popular in Finland, topping many domestic polls regarding who the public want to win UMK, and if this translates into votes they’ll likely be going to Italy.

‘Jezebel’ is currently the only UMK song to have hit 1 million views on Youtube, and has also reached the same milestone in streams on Spotify.

You can listen to ‘Jezebel’ below!

Younghearted – Sun Numero

Younghearted is made up of vocalist Reeta Huotarinen and guitarists Atte Ranta and Emil Korkiakoski. They create acoustic-driven music which can definitely be heard in their song ‘Sun Numero’. They’re popular in Finland, being nominated for Band Of The Year in the 2020 Finnish Grammy Awards.

You can listen to ‘Sun Numero’ below!

Olivera – ‘Thank God I’m An Atheist’

Olivera is a singer-songwriter from Espoo. She has released multiple EP’s prior to her participation in UMK and is currently working on her debut album, of which ‘Thank God I’m An Atheist’ is its lead single. Her song hasn’t come without controversy over the title and lyrics, however, she explained the meaning, saying:

I’ve always wondered about the promise of an eternal life made by various religions. I find the thought unsettling: there’s something about knowing life is finite that makes it so precious.


You can listen to ‘Thank God I’m An Atheist’ below!

Tommi Lรคntinen – ‘Elรคmรค kantaa mua’

Tommi Lรคntinen is one of the best selling male solo artists of all time in Finland. He’s been on the music scene since 1980, and has a legion of loyal supporters that will be sure to be voting for him during the final. Tommi usually performed in the English language in the early days of his career but has now switched to Finnish.

You can hear ‘Elรคmรค kantaa mua’ below!

Cyan Kicks – ‘Hurricane’

Cyan Kicks are based in Helsinki, and they’re an electronic, modern rock quartet. They were nominated for Best Rock Album in the 2019 Finnish Grammys, and have since gone on to have continued success in the country. They’re currently working on their second album, and UMK is a great platform for them to get back out in front of the Finnish audience ahead of its release with ‘Hurricane’. The song is currently the second most-watched on the UMK Youtube channel and has recently reached 1 million streams on Spotify.

You can listen to ‘Hurricane’ below!

Bess – ‘Ram Pam Pam’

Bess is one of this years UMK favourites, and it’s not hard to see why. ‘Ram Pam Pam’ is a strong pop track in Finnish, and is looking likely to be the main challenger to The Rasmus.

‘Ram Pam Pam’ is way ahead of all the other contestants in Spotify streams, reaching 3 million in the last few days. If these streams translate into votes, then Bess will be heading off to Turin in May for her first performance in Semi-Final 2.

You can listen to ‘Ram Pam Pam’ below!

Isaac Sene – ‘Kuuma jรคbรค’

Isaac Sene was the final contestant in UMK to reveal his song, and it became an instant hit with both national and international audiences. It’s a modern pop track in Finnish, that has charmed many Eurovision fans. We haven’t had a strong, male pop song in their native language from Finland for years, and it would be a great way to continue their run of great entries in the 2020’s.

You can listen to ‘Kuuma jรคbรค’ below!

You can watch UMK live at 8pm CET / 7pm GMT: YLE

You can also watch it with English commentary: YLE (English)

Which songs do you want to win? Be sure to let us know!

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