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Eurovision 2022: Will Kalomira return for Greece?

She placed 3rd in 2008, and is rumoured to be interested in coming back to the contest

When it comes to Eurovision, Greece hasn’t achieved the best results in recent years. In the last decade, they have been unable to continue the dominance they held over the contest in the 2000s. They became just one of many previously successful countries to fade into the background.

Kalomira was one artist that contributed to Greece’s success in the noughties. A favourite to win the 2008 contest, she placed 3rd overall with ‘Secret Combination’ – the final time Greece achieved a top 5 result. The song has remained a favourite with fans ever since, and rumours suggest that we may see her make a return in 2022.

It isn’t the first time the Greek star has been tipped for a come back to the contest. She was reportedly in the running to represent the nation in 2020, and was in talks to represent Cyprus in 2021.

Greek media reports suggest that Kalomira, along with her record label, are preparing plans for a potential entry for Eurovision 2022. One thing is for sure – fans would be excited to see her come back to the contest. After Stefania achived a respectable 10th place finish for Greece in 2021 with ‘Last Dance’, could Kalomira continue their rediscovered success?

She isn’t the only act rumoured for Greece however, Marina Satti is another name being discussed as a potential entrant. You can read all about her here.

Would you like to see Kalomira back on the Eurovision stage next year? Be sure to let us know!

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