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Greece 2022: A Roundup of Rumours

In recent months, Greece has been one of the countries with the most rumours surrounding their future representative for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Who will the South European country choose to fly their flag after Stefania achieved the first Greek top 10 result since 2013 with โ€˜Last Danceโ€™ in May?

Here we roundup some of the most prominent rumours that have been circulating.


American-born singer Kalomira is a name Eurovision fans will recognise, having placed 3rd in the 2008 contest with โ€˜Secret Combinationโ€™. Having previously been reportedly in the running to enter Eurovision 2020 for Greece, and Eurovision 2021 for Cyprus, Greek Media theorises that Kalomira is planning to put forward an entry for consideration alongside her record label Heaven Music, but hasnโ€™t found the right song yet. Supposedly herself and Heaven consider age a factor, and may potentially want to give a younger singer the chance instead. However, above all she has shown interest in entering the contest in the future. We discussed her potential return here.


Greek singer, songwriter, and music producer Marina Satti is another name rumoured. Speaking to โ€˜VICE Greeceโ€™ she seemed open to entering a future Eurovision edition, but is adamant she wants to do it her โ€œown wayโ€. She seemed concerned she wouldnโ€™t blend with the rest of the contest with her unique style of Greek traditional music and contemporary sounds, although weโ€™ve seen entirely unique acts getting high results in the past, and it could be twisted as a potential reason for ERT to send her-to stand out. Marina was asked to represent Greece in Eurovision 2020 by ERT in the past, but she turned it down thanks to not having an entry prepared in time and having other obligations. You can read more about her here.


A rumoured name that has definitely piqued interest from fans is singer-songwriter Evangelia. It was revealed Evangelia will submit a song for Eurovision on ERT talk show โ€˜Studio 4โ€™ alongside Panik Records. No stranger to Eurovision, having Panik Records as a backer may encourage ERT to accept her proposal. Another point to consider is that Evangelia grew up between Crete and New Jersey, with both places influencing her music today. Could ERT want to follow sending Greek-Canadian Katerine Duska to Eurovision in 2019, and Greek-Dutch Stefania in 2020 and 2021 with another international talent?


Rising star in Norway Amanda Tenfjord is another interesting rumour. Amanda lives and works in Norway, and has a Greek father and a Norwegian mother. Her music has drawn comparisons with the likes of London Grammar and Adele. Supposedly, Amanda has a song ready for Eurovision. A reason to pick her as a representative is one echoed from Evangelia, ERT may be fonder of picking an international act to follow their last three bids, and Amanda would definitely fit the bill.


It has been said that โ€˜The Voice Greeceโ€™ winner Joanne has submitted a song to represent Greece. Previously she stated that she would be โ€œhonouredโ€ to represent Greece or Cyprus, and would go to Eurovision โ€œwithout a second thoughtโ€ if asked. Her label Minos EMI has allegedly asked ERT for submission details, and has the intention to put forward Joanne with unknown songwriters. Above all, it seems that ERT are in discussions to get Joanne on board. On the other hand, you can argue that thereโ€™s a possibility theyโ€™ll ultimately opt for someone with more experience.


Singer Good Job Nicky is another act to have a song ready to submit to ERT. And furthermore, it has been indicted that ERT are in discussions to get him as a representative too. While you can argue he might not have as much of a label backing as other potential acts which may harm his case, you can agree his unique style may make him stand out in ERTโ€™s considerations.


Greek-Cypriot singer Konstantinos Christophorou is said to be another name sought after by ERT. A familiar act, Konstantinos represented Cyprus in Eurovisions 1996, 2002, and 2005 with โ€˜Mono Yia Masโ€™, โ€˜Ela Ela (Come Baby)โ€™, and โ€˜Gimmeโ€™ (as a part of the band โ€˜Oneโ€™) respectively. He had previously submitted the song โ€˜Billy Bam Bamโ€™ for Eurovision 2020 but was rejected, which may suggest another future rejection. Alternatively, ERT could take into account heโ€™s already has his chances, but on the flipside this could work in his favour as he has had plenty of experience.


Singer Josephine has said on radio that she has a perfect song for Eurovision. She previously participated in the Greek national final for Eurovision 2014 โ€˜Eurosong 2014 โ€“ a MAD showโ€™ alongside Mark Angelo with the song โ€˜Dancing Nightโ€™. Although, she has spoke about wanting to represent Cyprus instead in the past, but perhaps she has had a change of mind.


Greek artist Elias Kozas has been rumoured too. Fans may recognise him from Eurovision 2013, where he competed for Greece in his band Koza Mostra alongside Aganthonas Iakovidis with the song โ€˜Alcohol is Freeโ€™, which placed 6th. It has been said however that he is likely to submit a song as a solo artist. Previous Eurovision experience may be another attractive factor ERT will consider.

Altogether, itโ€™s evident Greece have a lot of great opportunities to go with into the next contest. Will they start a new top 10 streak? Watch this space!

Who do you think Greece will eventually pick? And who do you personally want them to choose? Let us know!

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