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Söngvakeppnin 2022 Semi-Final 2: Preview 🇮🇸

Tonight sees Iceland continue their search for their 2022 Eurovision representative, but which two of the five do you think will progress to the final? Listen to the songs, and find out more here…

Tonight sees Björg Magnúsdóttir, Jón Jónsson and Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir host the second semi-final of Iceland’s search for their 2022 representative. Another five artists will battle for the honour of gaining one of the two spots in this years Söngvakeppnin final.

Last week saw Sigga, Beta & Elín, and Stefán Óli emerge victorious from semi-final one, and we will see them perform again, alongside tonight’s winners, on 12th March.

As per the rules of Söngvakeppnin, tonight the semi-finalists must perform their entries in Icelandic, regardless of whether they intend to send the entry to Eurovision in English or not. All of tonight’s entrants have submitted an English version of their song.

  1. Markéta Irglová – ‘Mögulegt (Possible)’

Markéta is a Czech-Icelandic singer-songwriter, who has also had a substantial career as a film actress. She won ‘Best Original Song’ at The 80th Academy Awards in 2008 for her song ‘Falling Slowly’. Known for her folk influences, ‘Mögulegt’ is no different, with an ethereal sound that builds nicely throughout. It would be a turn away from the more out there entries of 2019 – 2021, but is it perhaps something that would stand out in Turin?

2. Suncity and Sanna – ‘Hækkum í botn (Keep It Cool)’

A pop banger initially written for Swedish singer, Sanna, before her and Icelandic singer and TV personality, Suncity, decided to record it as a duet for Söngvakeppnin. In an interview with escunited, the girls say that the song is about “knowing your value and standing up for yourself”.

There is no doubt that we already have a few strong up-tempo pop songs in the contest already this year. Could this be another one?

3. Reykjavíkurdætur (Daughters of Reykjavík) – ‘Tökum af stað (Turn This Around)’

An all-female rap and hip-hop group that started their careers hosting a women’s rap show. The line-up has changed over the years and while their website states that there are currently nine members in the group, there are only eight performers on the promo picture for Söngvakeppnin. Even so, there is automatically a question of which performers would make the cut if they were to go to Eurovision.

While rap isn’t commonly featured at Eurovision, these girls are especially known for being strong live performers so don’t count them out!

4. Katla – ‘Þaðan af (Then Again)’

The 19-year-old singer is the youngest semi-finalist in this year’s Söngvakeppnin. Despite having submitted an English version, after the online reaction she is unsure whether she would send the English or Icelandic version to Turin.

Katla gives a powerful vocal that builds throughout the song and, as a Eurovision fan herself, she will be aware of the importance of staging. However, she has stated that her experience performing in front of large audiences is limited, so her biggest downfall could be her nerves.

That said, she is currently one of the favourites to win the second semi-final, so definitely one to watch tonight.

5. Hanna Mia and The Astrotourists – ‘Séns með þér (Gemini)’

Hanna Mia is a Swedish-Icelandic singer, who has been compared to both Judy Garland and Norah Jones. She describes her influences as mostly coming from jazz, blues and soul, which definitely come through in the song, that was co-written with Sakarias, a Faroese music producer, and electropop/rock musician.

‘Séns með þér‘ is a laidback, feel-good track that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. However, whether it will pack the punch of some of tonight’s other entrants is yet to be seen.

Do you think this year’s Söngvakeppnin winner will come from semi-final two or do you think we have already heard Iceland’s entry for Turin? Be sure to let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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