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Who Are Systur? All You Need To Know About Iceland’s 2022 Artists 🇮🇸

Will Iceland follow up well on a top 5 finish in Rotterdam?

After being a favourite for the 2020 victory and eventually coming 4th in 2021 with Daði & Gagnamagnið, Iceland are sending a different vibe this year, with the band Systur, who won the National Final, Söngvakeppnin with the song “Með hækkandi sól” (“With the rising sun”).

Want to know more about Syster and their chances at Eurovision this year? Read on to discover more about Iceland’s artist!

Who are Systur?

Unlike a similarly-named German duo a few years ago, Systur actually does consist of 3 sisters – Sigríður, Elísabet, and Elín Eyþórsdóttir. They competed in Songvakeppnin under the name Sigga, Beta & Elín, and were also previously known as Tripolia. Under their initial name of Sísý Ey, named after their grandmother, they released their first single in 2013, and performed at Glastonbury in 2016.

Alongside the trio of sisters, they will be joined on stage in Turin by their brother Eythor, who will be playing the drums during the performance!

Aside from music, they have also received notability for their trans rights activism, in particular for transgender children.

Songvakeppnin 2022

Systur closed the first semi-final of Songvakeppnin and were the clear winners with nearly 11,000 votes. They were then also last to close the final where they finished second in round 1, and therefore progressed to the second round. Despite initially trailing to Reykjavíkurdætur, Systur managed to overturn a slight deficit and win by around 8,000 votes overall.

How will Með hækkandi sól do at ESC 2022?

Systur will perform 14th in semi-final 1, after Austria and before Greece. They are one of a few similar female-led, slower-tempo songs in the second half of semi-final one – a category which also includes Greece. Performing one after another may cancel the other song out. They are also 14th in the odds to qualify (at time of writing), right behind Croatia, another song in a similar style. Sadly, it therefore looks unlikely that Iceland will qualify.

However, the reaction to their first rehearsal over the weekend was very positive, with some people believing the staging matched the song really well. This may especially be because of the use of orange lights – fitting in with the English translation of the title, “With The Rising Sun”! Will these positive responses help Iceland back to the final?

Iceland’s Systur during first rehearsals. Photo EBU / Nathan Reinds

What do you think of Iceland’s song this year? Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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