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Eurovision 2022: Interval Acts We’d Like to See

With Eurovision 2022 drawing ever closer, more and more details are up in the air, with fans constantly speculating and discussing different aspects. One of the most important features of a show are the interval acts. With so many entries and a nerve-racking voting segment, itโ€™s crucial broadcasters select the best performances to add a twist to the line-up and really help showcase what they can.

Considering Italy boasts such a wide and rich range of talent, we take a look at what kinds of interval acts, and who in particular weโ€™d like to see perform in next yearโ€™s contest.

To begin, we can take direct inspiration from past editions.

Mรฅneskin – Francis Delacroix


Itโ€™s become a tradition for the reigning winner to return for a performance, and given Mรฅneskinโ€™s explosion in success itโ€™s safe to say this will be upheld. Aside from their winning entry โ€˜Zitti E Buoniโ€™, it would be sensible for the band to perform โ€˜I Wanna Be Your Slaveโ€™ and/or โ€˜Begginโ€™โ€™ given their individual successes, or alternatively they could promote their music released nearer the time to continue growing their accomplishments.


A โ€˜common songโ€™ which every participant sings together is notable in Junior Eurovision, most recently โ€˜Move the Worldโ€™ from the 2020 contest. But โ€˜Rainmakerโ€™ by Emmelie de Forest, the grand final interval act from 2014 is a fan favourite, and may be the closest thing we have in the adult competition. Especially considering pandemic restrictions are now easing, this would be a wonderful opportunity for every country to join together.


In 2014, a year before their debut, Australia was invited to perform an interval act. With many fans thinking Kazakhstan is on the cusp of an invitation given their Junior Eurovision participation and success rate, and Andorra discussing a future return just to name a couple of countries, could a concept like this return as another segue?

Next, we can look to the Sanremo festival for ideas.

Dardust – Alessio Panichi


Iโ€™ll point out three interval acts from this yearโ€™s Sanremo festival which jump out as Eurovision-suitable. Dardust performed a mesmerising medley of hits which jumped out to me as Eurovision ready, Achille Lauro appeared multiple times, with each act striking me as something an international audience would enjoy and talk about, and Elodie performed a mash-up Europe would take a liking to and appreciate.


Having the reigning winner of Sanremo Giovani perform their winning song or possibly new material would be a nice way to award a platform and further reward upcoming talent.


As Italy withdrew from Eurovision after the 1997 contest and didnโ€™t return until 2011, a lot of lost opportunities and what ifs surround the so-called entries that could have been. It would be fascinating to see those songs finally showcased on such a stage.

Otherwise, we can consider acts a wider audience may remember.

Marco Mengoni – Fabio Frustaci / ANSA


Having Italian representatives who enjoy success outside of their country to perform would be a great ode to previous contests, as well as creating an air of familiarity with viewers, namely Marco Mengoni, Il Volo, or more recently Mahmood. In addition, Gigliola Cinquetti, and Toto Cutugno would be great suggestions as two of the three Italian winners, as well as the hosts for the last contest held in Italy.


Having Diodato, who would have represented Italy in Eurovision 2020 perform would be a lovely idea to finally give him that platform. Performing his would-be entry โ€˜Fai Rumoreโ€™ could be apt.

Next, we can look further to famous names, something commonly seen in interval acts.

Andrea Bocelli – Giovanni De Sandre


Further examining names international audiences may recognise, tenor Andrea Bocelli would be an interesting choice, perhaps in a duet performance, a concept which wouldnโ€™t be foreign to the artist who has duetted with Cรฉline Dion and Dua Lipa to name two of many. Singer-songwriter Laura Pausini would be another great option, especially having recently been in the spotlight for the success of her Academy Award nominated song โ€˜Io Sรฌโ€™, which is the first Italian-language song to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. Additionally, Tiziano Ferro would be a top name as one of the best-selling artists in Italy, and being known as the modern face of Italian pop music.


International singers have performed as interval acts previously, namely Justin Timberlake in 2016 and Madonna in 2019. Superstar Lady Gaga was rumoured to perform in the 2021 contest after Google placed one of her tour dates in the Rotterdam Ahoy on the night of the grand final, but it turned out to be false. However, having Lady Gaga to perform as an international act next year would be apt given her Italian heritage. Another suggestion could be singer-songwriter Mika, who has worked a lot on Italian television. His staff recently denied rumours heโ€™s in talks to host the contest, which could leave a window open.

Or else, we can look at what would showcase Italy generally as a country.

Napoli Mandolin Orchestra – Accademia Mandolinistica Napoletana Facebook Page


Looking at native music, we can consider the instrument the mandolin. Taking inspiration from the 2012 contest using traditional Azerbaijani instruments in the semi final two interval, an act like the Napoli Mandolin Orchestra would be an interesting choice. Given they won the third evening of Sanremo 2021 performing โ€˜Carusoโ€™ by Lucio Dalla with Ermal Meta, I have no doubt a similar sound would be well received. Alternatively, the opera genre is akin to Italy, and having an opera interval act would be great to see. Previously mentioned acts Il Volo and Andrea Bocelli could be front runners.


Dance performances of varying genres are also a common interval act, most recently โ€˜Close Encounters of a Special Kindโ€™ by Ahmad Joudeh & Dez Maarsen in this yearโ€™s contest. Looking at what kind of performance Italy could showcase, a spotlight could be given to traditional Italian folk dancing, particularly โ€˜tarantellaโ€™. One of the most recognised forms of traditional southern Italian music, seeing a performance including tarantella would make an interesting addition to the show.


In 2016 Sweden incorporated a tribute to Swedish fashion design into their ‘Parade of Flags‘ showcase. Thereโ€™s no denying that Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design, and paired with the fact that prominent fashion cities are in the running to host the contest it would be a very good idea to see something similar included into next yearโ€™s show.

Finally, a certain acknowledgement would be great to see.

Raffaella Carrร  – Virginia Farneti/LaPresse via AP


With megastar Raffaella Carrร  having had such an interest in Eurovision, and a top choice by fans to host next yearโ€™s contest, a memoriam interval act would be wonderful to see. In 2018 the first Eurovision winner Lys Assia was highlighted after having sadly passed two months prior. A similar situation could happen with Raffaella, with her passion and importance being explained to wider audiences, and perhaps a medley of hits.

Thereโ€™s no denying Rai have plenty of options in selecting interval acts to compliment their shows next year. Who would you like to see performing? Is your top choice someone not mentioned above? Join the discussion and let us know!

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