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Eurovision 2022: Who Will Host the Contest?

On the night of the 22nd May, Måneskin won the right to bring Eurovision back to Italy after thirty-one long years. After the excitement simmered down, fans started to turn their attention to how Italian broadcaster Rai will host next year’s shows. Considering the fact Italy has yet to host a modern Eurovision, there is understandably a lot of speculation surrounding details about next year’s production.

Importantly a lot of guesswork has been invested into next year’s hosts. The EBU requires English language capabilities and at least one person to be fluent in French. Baring those points in mind as well as others, below we discuss the top names circulating around rumoured to be in the running to host.

Alessandro Cattelan – Corriere della Sera


One of, if not the most rumoured name has been Alessandro Cattelan. No stranger to television presenting, he is the former host of ‘X Factor Italia’ (from 2011-2020) among other shows. His daily talk show ‘E poi c’è Cattelan’ which ran from 2014-2020 featured international guests such as Jimmy Fallon, and Robbie Williams, and shows his ability to speak English confidently. Alessandro has also been a top name rumoured in other years Italy was a favourite to win Eurovision.


London born presenter Victoria Cabello debuted in 1997 as one of MTV Italy’s original VJs. She hosted Sanremo in 2006, as well as being a judge on the 2013 series of ‘X Factor Italia’, just to name a couple of distinctions. Her British citizenship and fluency in the English language would make her a suitable host.


Television and radio host Ema Stockholma can speak English and French, the latter thanks to an upbringing in her native France. Originally a model, she became a disc jockey in the 2000s, and made her television debut in 2013 hosting the aftershow of the MTV Italy awards. She has been previously involved in Eurovision for Italy, including commentating and taking the role of spokesperson in 2019.


No doubt a well-known name, multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Mika has presented various shows in Italy and is fluent in Italian. Lebanese born, he holds a British citizenship and was partly raised in the UK, lending a fluency in the English language. Also able to speak French, this would make him a great option for host. Notably in 2013 he became the first international judge on ‘X Factor Italia’, and has starred in his own award-winning variety show in Italy ‘Stasera Casa Mika’.


Presenter, actress, and singer Milly Carlucci has decades of work behind her. She rose to fame in the eighties hosting various shows for Rai and Mediaset. She has been the host of the Italian ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ named ‘Ballando con le Stelle’ since 2005, and became the first female host of the Miss Italia beauty pageant in 2009. She can also speak fluent English.


Television presenter Camilla Raznovich spent her childhood between Italy, the UK, and India, and originally performed in the show ‘Karaoke’ in 1992 before becoming one of the first MTV Italia presenters. She has picked up other various hosting jobs over the years.

There’s a possibility Rai will look to a former Eurovision artist as a host, similarly to other Eurovision shows in recent years (namely Måns Zelmerlöw hosting in 2015 alongside Petra Mede, and Conchita Wurst hosting the green room in 2015). In that case, two names in particular stand out;

Il Volo – Getty


The operatic pop group Il Volo is valued by Rai, and would please a wider audience hosting thanks to their 366 points televote win in 2015. They initially became the first Italian artists to directly sign with an American record label, which has seen them benefit from success in the USA and elsewhere abroad.


Singer-songwriter Nina Zilli speaks English thanks to living in Ireland and the USA. She was a VJ for MTV Italy in 2001, and was a judge on ‘Italia’s Got Talent’ from 2015-2017 alongside other laurels. Nina participated in the Sanremo festival multiple times, and her participation in 2012 earned her the right to represent Italy in Baku, ultimately placing 9th.

Alongside the most spoken about rumoured names, other suggestions include;

Claudio Baglioni – LaPresse


Musician and former creative director for Sanremo (2018-2019) Claudio Baglioni has expressed an interest in hosting with Giuliano Peparini, choreographer, theatre director, and dancer who has enjoyed success in the field of dance in France, as well being the artistic director of the talent show ‘Amici’.


A popular fan suggestion, television and radio presenter Amadeus has hosted several high-profile programmes, and was the artistic director for the last two Sanremo festivals.


Fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni ranked first on the Forbes top fashion influencers list in 2017, and has over twenty million followers on Instagram. She lives between Italy and the USA.


Swiss-Italian hostess, actress, and model Michelle Hunziker co-hosted Sanremo in 2007 and 2018.


Actress-singer Matilde De Angelis has appeared on HBO show ‘The Undoing’ among others, and co-hosted the first evening of Sanremo in 2021.


Actor Federico Russo has been in the field since 2004. He is best known for his roles in ‘I Cesaroni’ in 2006, and ‘L’aquilone di Claudio’ and ‘Leap’, both in 2016.


Of all the names rumoured so far, one in particular stands out.

Raffaella Carrà – Daniel Dal Zennaro/EPA


A historical figure of the network, Raffaella Carrà was known worldwide and continuously showed an interest in Eurovision over the years, from hosting the Spanish national final in 2008 to being Italy’s spokesperson in 2011. Debuting way back in the fifties, Raffaella was a singer, dancer, presenter, and actress, notably starring in the film ‘Von Ryan’s Express’ after moving to the USA in the sixties. She was also broadly considered a gay icon.

Raffaella sadly passed on the 5th July 2021 aged 78. A shock to all, there’s no doubt many fans had her on their host wish list. In fact, the director of Rai 1 revealed he wanted to ask her to host both Sanremo and Eurovision. A huge part of Italy’s return to the contest after their long absence following the 1997 edition, Raffaella may not be able to see her country host Eurovision next year, but thankfully she got to see them win once more.

No matter who Rai eventually decides on to fill the hosting position, there’s no doubt they have a lot of great choices. Who would you like to see host Eurovision 2022? Is there someone you’d like to see that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!

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