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Introducing….. Our Interval Acts!

Ciao a tutti! We are very close to having our third Italian Eurovision. As the semis and finals get closer, we find out more about who will be our interval acts. Metamoro Elodie, a monologue by Amadeus? Who knows? We have come a long way from Italy’s sad withdrawal in 1998 to them being the victors in 2021. In fact, you can read the entire story of Italy’s Eurovision journey here.

Now, here at Eurobuzz, we thought it would be a great idea to talk to you about all the interval acts that will be a part of semi-final one, semi-final two and the final. So let’s dive in and take a look at who we will be seeing!

Left to right: Mika, Laura Pausini and Alessandro Catterlan – our hosts! Credit: Giulio Rustichelli

Semi-final 1

The theme of the first semi-final is said to be “Italian genius and creativity”, which will certainly shine through. Images of the planets will be projected into the audience, and more than 40 dancers will join to pay tribute to the sun, as a sign of joy, life, and hope. 

From semi-final one to the grand final, we will also see Leo the Drone. Leo the Drome will be our navigator, exploring Italy as a country. Leo has the honour of filming the postcards used between every performance. From the Italian Alps to the heart of Sicily, every part of Italy will have an opportunity to be shown off in front of an audience of more than 200 million people.

Leo the Drone, our lovely companion! – Credit: RAI

Fai Rumore

Without a doubt, the big talking point of this semi is would-have-been Italian Eurovision 2020 representative Diodato, singing none other than his would-have-been Eurovision entry, and Sanremo 2020 winning song ‘Fai Rumore’. This interval act is firstly a lovely way to give Diodato the platform he, unfortunately, couldn’t have in 2020 due to the cancellation of the contest thanks to the pandemic. But also, his performance is set to be a symbol of normal life slowly resuming after everything that has passed. You can read more about the incredible meaning and significance behind ‘Fai Rumore’ finally being sung on the Eurovision stage. From the Arena di Verona, Diodato will grace us with his vocals at the Pala Alpitour. We hope that he enjoys his belated and well-deserved Eurovision experience. 

Dance of Beauty

Another interval to watch out for is the ‘Dance of Beauty’, with Eurovision being turned into a huge disco by Dardust. Dario Faini, who is also known as DRD, is one of the most successful pianists/producers in the world with over 60 platinum records to his name. His music has been featured on such events as the Superbowl, the NBA All Star Game, and the Olympics. Notably to a Eurovision fan audience, he co-wrote and produced ‘Soldi’ by Mahmood, which won Sanremo in 2019 and placed 2nd overall in Eurovision. He has worked with many other artists including Marco Mengoni, Emma, Madame, Noemi and Ermal Meta. Back in Sanremo 2021, he performed an interval act of his hits which was a highlight and landed him a place in our interval act wishlist article.  

Joining Dardust will be Italian producer and DJ Benny Benassi, who has remixed singles by such artists as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Shakira, and produced for artists such as Madonna, John Legend, and this year’s Eurovision host Mika. Marco ‘Benny’ Benassi is considered a forerunner of electro house, arguably made mainstream by ‘Satisfaction’, his 2002 club hit.

Also on stage will be Sophie and the Giants, English indie pop group made up of Sophie Scott, Toby Holmes, Antonia Pooles, and Chris Hill. Founded in Sheffield in 2015 by Sophie as a way to practise music, they later began performing at gigs, and released their first single ‘Monsters’ in 2018. No stranger to the Italian music industry, they’ve enjoyed success collaborating with German DJ Purple Disco Machine on the songs ‘Hypnotized’ in 2020, and ‘In the Dark’ earlier this year, which has enjoyed radio airplay in Italy, as well as collaborating with Sanremo 2017 and 2022 contestant Michele Bravi on the song ‘Falene’. They also participated in Sanremo covers night this edition alongside Le Vibrazioni with a performance of ‘Live and Let Die’.

Tying the interval together will be conductor Sylvia Catasta. Sylvia has a transverse flute diploma and has also mastered the piccolo. She has collaborated with leading Italian orchestras and artists, and has been involved in composition and orchestration. 

Overall, semi-final one promises to be a huge celebration of contemporary Italian music and the industry as a whole. This semi-final honours the impact of Italian music on not only Italy, but the world in general. This is something that cannot be missed, promising a celebration of the “dance and celebration of beauty”.

Semi-final 2

Thursday’s semi-final show will be opened by host Alessandro Cattelan, who will introduce viewers to the Italian art of getting by, by showing the funny characters of Italians, smiling at stereotypes, and being self-deprecating. 

How to Speak Italian

The aim of this interval act is to teach the audience how to speak Italian, without knowing a single word. It will take inspiration from the book ‘Supplemento Al Dizionario Italiano’ by Bruno Munari, which investigates the ways of expressing oneself using facial expressions and personal attitude, instead of speaking and only using your hands, recommended to foreigners visiting Italy or for use alongside the Italian dictionary. So if you are planning a trip to Italy any time soon, keep on listening to this lesson as you may find it useful in the future!

Grande Amore

Also a familiar face to Eurovision fans, popera group Il Volo, comprised of Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto, will be performing in the second semi final. Notably, they placed 3rd in Eurovision 2015, and won the televote with ‘Grande Amore’, which won Sanremo 2015. Initially competing as solo artists in the singing competition ‘Ti Lascio Una Canzone’ in 2009, Il Volo became the first Italian artists to directly sign with an American record label, and have since toured over the world. They will actually resume a world tour after performing in Eurovision this year, stopping off in Europe, followed by North America. 

Laura Pausini & Mika

Interestingly on Thursday, two of our hosts Laura Pausini and Mika, will debut an exceptional and long-awaited duet in a world premiere. 

Laura Pausini burst onto the Italian music scene in 1993 when she performed “La Solitudine”. She has now become one of the biggest names in Italian music and has seen success in Latin America as well. 

Mika is a singer who has found success in countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Italy. His discography includes “Grace Kelly”, “Elle Me Dit” and “Relax, Take it Easy”. He also became a judge on X-Factor Italia, spending three years on the show before leaving. In Italy, Mika is revered and has entered the hearts of many Italians with his amazing vocal range and charisma.

We can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves! And it will also be interesting to see how Laura and Mika’s musical personalities gel together too!


Saturday’s grand final will be opened by the Rockin’ 1000, a group of both professional and non-professional rock musicians primarily from Italy. You may also recognise them from an advert on RAI where they played their version of “Te Deum”. They were originally put together in 2015 as a way to ask the Foo Fighters to visit the town of Cesena in Italy, they became known with the mass performance of the song ‘Learn to Fly’. Dubbed the ‘biggest band in the world’, the Rockin’ 1000 will stage the power of music to evoke peace. 



No doubt an act not to miss, reigning Eurovision winners Måneskin will be live-premiering their new single ‘Supermodel’, which is set to be released on the 13th May, the day before the final. The Italian band comprised of Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio, first rose to prominence coming 2nd on X Factor Italia in 2017, but had their international breakthrough after winning Eurovision with ‘Zitti E Buoni’, winning with 524 points. 

They’ve since enjoyed major chart success with ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ and ‘Beggin’’, and have earned more than 4.5 billion listeners across all digital platforms, ten diamond, 185 platinum, and 42 gold records worldwide.

Gigliola Cinquetti

As a treat, after Italy’s most recent Eurovision winners, their first winner will take to the stage. Gigliola Cinquetti won the contest in 1964 with ‘Non Ho L’età (Per Amarti), after winning Sanremo 1964 with the same song alongside Patricia Carli when she was just 16 years old. She also competed in Eurovision 1974 with ‘Sì’ coming second only to ABBA. Gigliola has sold millions of records worldwide, toured in many different countries, and made her mark in recording and performing work, as well as a presenter in Italy, in particular hosting the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest with Toto Cutugno. 

Laura Pausini

Host Laura Pausini will also perform a medley of her greatest hits in no less than five different languages. The performance will recall her long-lasting career and will present her life journey through music in a grand act. It will start with her debut in Sanremo and conclude with her latest single ‘Scatola’. 


Another of our hosts, Mika, will take to the stage on Saturday to further stress the importance of combining the word ‘peace’ with the word ‘love’. He will have his own medley of songs which will also act as a launch of his newest single globally, in what has been described as ‘a performance within a performance’. 

The final promises to be a spectacular affair which shines a spotlight on many genres of music. We will have everything from musical medleys, new songs and even performances from the current champions. All this and more to take us through the night before we find our 2022 champion. It will be a long night, but a long night of fun, joy and probably tears for some. We await in anticipation for what will happen and see these performances in full. It looks to be a great night of music!

Now we’ve gone through all the interval acts we will see on stage. Every night will bring something new for us to enjoy. Whether you are at the Pala Alpitour, partying with your friends, parents or alone at home, we hope you enjoy the show!

What do you think about the interval acts? Do you like them? Was there someone you wanted in particular? Why don’t you leave a comment below? Thank you for reading!

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