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Mahmood and Blanco Will Go to Eurovision!

The Sanremo Music Festival has come to its conclusion. Following their win, a press conference was held. Mahmood and Blanco have decided to accept the golden ticket of representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. They will be the host entry, singing “Brividi”. This will be the second time Mahmood has gone to Eurovision, following his appearance in 2019. He came 2nd with “Soldi”, just to jog your memory!

Mahmood and Blanco came above their fellow competitors Elisa and Gianni Morandi. These three were in a tight race for the win for the last four nights.

Mahmood and Blanco have already broken records. “Brividi” achieved the highest ever streams in a day on Spotify. And they are also on the Global Chart as well. Their song has also been trending on YouTube as well. Not only has it been trending on YouTube Italia, it has also been trending on YouTube United Kingdom for example. The song has become so popular that English subtitles have been added to the video to reach a wider audience.

This caps off a good few months for Blanco, whose album “Blu Celeste” became one of the biggest selling albums in the last year. We are excited to see how Mahmood and Blanco fare at Eurovision in Turin this year. Can they take the crown and do the double? We’ll have to wait!

Mahmood and Blanco ready to sing “Brividi” – credit: RAI

What do you think about Mahmood and Blanco winning Sanremo? Please let us know in the comments. And thank you for reading!

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