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Sanremo 2022: Artists We’d Like to See

Sanremo 2021 winners – Måneskin
(from left to right – Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, Damiano David and Ethan Torchio)
Credit: Redazione

After returning to Eurovision ten years ago thanks to Raffaella Carrà, Italy has finally won Eurovision! Zitti E Buoni by Måneskin claimed the victory with 524 points at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest held in Rotterdam. As Italy prepares to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022, talk turns to the Sanremo Music Festival. Many now wonder which artists will participate at the Sanremo Music Festival scheduled for February 2022. How will Italy continue to progress in the afterglow of their long-awaited Eurovision win? To explore this, let’s have a look at some artists who may participate in the iconic Sanremo Music Festival in 2022.

Mara Sattei

Credit: Enea Colombi

Mara Sattei came to prominence following her appearance in the thirteenth season of Amici. She is the older sister of thaSupreme, one of Italy’s biggest rappers and producers. Both of them have collaborated on many songs with several artists. Some of these include Carl Breve, Coez and Lous and the Yakuza. Her voice is rich with emotion and her music videos are beautifully filled with various aesthetics. She released her first solo single, named “Scusa” on April 9th 2021, to rave reviews. We hope that she considers participating next year, with a song that that is true to her.

Mara Sattei that we’d recommend:

  • Scusa
  • Altalene (featuring Coez)
  • Gabbia
  • Nuova Registrazione 402 (produced by thaSupreme)

Margherita Vicario

Credit: Matteo Lippera

The Rome-born singer-songwriter and actress is considered a promising, new talent by many within the Italian music industry. Margherita says that although she may have periods of low mood and sadness, she prefers to see the good in life. Her music is mellow with a tinge of calmness about it, could Margherita be the perfect host entry for Italy next year?

Margherita Vicario songs we’d recommend:

  • Pincio
  • Come Va
  • Orange Tango
  • Mandela


Credit: Mirko Motorana

Following the success of rock at Eurovision 2021, could it be possible that we see more genres? Here we have Rkomi, an Italian rapper who also specialises in pop-rap. His three albums have all reached the top of the FIMI (Io in Terra, Dove Gli Occhi Non Arrivano and Taxi Driver). He successfully weaves in hip-hop with pop influences from the moment you listen to any of his music. Will Rkomi finally perform at Sanremo? We have to wait and see.

Rkomi songs we’d recommend:

  • Partire Da Te
  • Sopra Le Canzoni (featuring Dardust)
  • Taxi Driver
  • Vento Sulla Luna (featuring Annalisa)


Credit: RAI

This name needs no introduction. The fan favourite has charmed audiences ever since her appearance on Amici in 2015. For example, her 2020 Sanremo entry, Andromeda, left fans demanding more from Elodie, namely a second appearance at Sanremo. And this opinion was further solidified when, at Sanremo 2021, Elodie performed a medley with songs by Mahmood and Raffaella Carrà! Will Elodie finally listen to the demands of fans who are desperate to see her again? We can only hope!

Elodie songs we’d recommend:

  • Andromeda
  • Diamanti (featuring Ernia)
  • Guaranà
  • Margarita (featuring Marracash)

Ana Mena

Credit: Mozaart

Another fan favourite originally from Spain, Ana Mena has become popular due to a string of hits featuring artists such as Fred di Palma and Rocco Hunt. A favourite in both Spain and Italy, many hope that she will be involved in Sanremo next year. Her music, both in Spanish and Italian, is energetic and full of positive energy, ready-made for the summer. Could Ana Mena deliver that once more next year as a solo artist or in a duo?

Ana Mena songs we’d recommend:

  • L’Estate Non Vale (featuring Fred de Palma)
  • Un Bacio All’Improvviso (featuring Rocco Hunt)
  • A Un Passo Dalla Luna (featuring Rocco Hunt)
  • Te Deseo Lo Mejor


Credit: Maurizio D’Avanzo

Gaudiano won Sanremo Giovani with the song “Polvere Da Sparo”, a song dedicated to his late father. Gaudiano is a new name that is becoming more well-known in the Italian music industry. Following his Sanremo Giovani win, it is very likely that he will be part of the Sanremo Big category.

Gaudiano Songs We’d Recommend:

  • Polvere Da Sparo
  • Rimani
  • Le Cose Inutili
  • Acqua Per Occhi Rossi


Credit: Nicola Cordi

Italy’s indie scene is budding with talent and for this reason, we have to introduce Gazzelle! His music draws a reminder to the Italian songwriting tradition whilst also weaving in a contemporary twist. Gazzelle would bring a song tinged with storytelling, feeling and poetry. Consequently, a potential Sanremo appearance by Gazzelle will be as if you were told a story – but in the form of a song!

Gazzelle songs we’d recommend:

  • Destri
  • Polynesia
  • Una Canzone Che Non So
  • Scintille


Credit: Arianna Del Giaccio

Talent knows no age and Ariete is a prime example of that. The young singer, born in 2002, was a contestant on X-Factor Italia. However, she has gone on to release a string of music primarily uploaded on Youtube. Youth has triumphed in Sanremo again and again, most recently in the form of Madame with the song “Voce”. The effects of Madame at Sanremo cannot be underestimated. This is because it may lead more young singers like Ariete to decide to sing on the Sanremo stage.

Ariete songs we’d recommend:

  • Solo Te
  • Mille Guerre
  • Pillole
  • L’Ultima Notte

Eugenio in Via Di Gioia


After their shock elimination from Sanremo Giovani in 2020, we think it is only fair that the folk/indie band Eugenio In Via Di Gioia should return to Sanremo and potentially become the Italian host entry. We all know a band triumphed to victory at both Sanremo and Eurovision this year – will it inspire another to try their hand at the same fate? Time will only tell!

Eugenio Via Di Gioia songs we’d recommend:

  • Tsunami
  • Non Vedo L’ora Di Abbracciarti
  • Lettera Al Promisso
  • Camera Mia


Credit: Claudia Ferri

Just like Madame and Ariete, Blanco understood the assignment of “age is no barrier to success”. Born in 2003, Blanco is one of Italy’s most popular artists at moment, currently racking up 47.8 million views in total on his Youtube channel alone. And this is amazing considering it was created only in January! His songs are high on energy which delves into themes of love, be it a force for good or bad. Blanco successfully weaves in old with the new, refusing to put a label on his music. His twist in music could follow in the footsteps of recent winners such as Mahmood and Måneskin…

Blanco songs we’d recommend:

  • Mi Fai Impazzire (featuring Sfera Ebbasta)
  • Ladro Di Firori
  • Notti In Blanco
  • Paraocchi

Joan Thiele

Credit: Joan Thiele

Joan Thiele is a person with links to countries in two continents. Joan is of Italian origin through her mother as well as Swiss and Colombian origin through her father. She then decided to move to London to feel closer to her emotions after secondary school. Her life experiences have influenced her music, showing off her ability to sing in English as well as her native language of Italian. And her music is self-introspective and focuses on her experiences, such as her father dealing with illness. With her international experiences, Joan Thiele could surely bring a song that reflects this to a wider audience.

Joan Thiele songs we’d recommend:

  • Le Vacanze
  • Armenia
  • Sempre La Stessa
  • Save Me


Credit: RAI

Rancore is another fan-favourite that has found his way into the hearts of Sanremo enthusiasts with his appearances in both 2019 (alongside Daniele Silvestri) and 2020 as a soloist with “Eden”. It comes as no surprise that he won the Sergio Bardotti prize for best lyrics at Sanremo 2020. His flow is fast but packs a punch with lyrics that mention fairytales, social issues and even contemporary events such as 9/11. Perhaps Sanremo deserves another opportunity at hearing the brilliant lyricism and music of Rancore once more.

Rancore songs we’d recommend:

  • Eden
  • Giocattoli
  • Depressissimo
  • Equatore (Margherita Vicario)

Italy has never failed to give both Sanremo viewers and Eurovision fans wonderful songs that stay in the memory for many years. Additionally, the Sanremo line-up will be one of great interest! These singers will be battling to win the iconic Leoncino D’ Oro statuette, but they all also have the chance to represent Italy at Eurovision. Sanremo will again prepare to welcome songs with many themes, experiences and traditions in one February week in 2022.

What are your opinions on our lists? Do you have anyone you would like to see at Sanremo? Are there returnees you would love to see? Let us know!

Always remember: “Perché Sanremo è Sanremo“.

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