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Your Complete Guide to Sanremo Giovani 2021

The anticipation for Sanremo 2022 is higher than ever, with Eurovision fans eager to see if Italy is in the running to pull off the first back-to-back win since Ireland with their 1992, 1993, and 1994 wins. And now we come one step closer to finding out who will fly the Italian flag on home soil.

On the 15th December two artists will be selected from the final of Sanremo Giovani to compete alongside 22 ‘big artists’ in the main festival. Seeing how Sanremo Giovani has produced the likes of Francesco Gabbani, Ermal Meta, and Mahmood to name a few, these newcomers must not be discounted.

The final Sanremo Giovani line-up has been whittled down from over 700 submissions. In October 46 shortlisted names were revealed, a number originally supposed to be just 30, but it was decided by creative director Amadeus and the remainder of the commission that because the quality was just too high, that figure had to be extended.

Here we present the final list of twelve artists and their song names competing for a place in the main festival early next year, look at their accolades and past work, and tell you everything you need to know ahead of the final.


Bais – Riccardo Michelazzo

โ€˜Baisโ€™ is the second surname of Luca Zambelli, singer-songwriter from Udine. Born in 1993, his music is described as Italian with an โ€˜international flavourโ€™, melancholic, and calming. He made his debut in 2019 with โ€˜Milanoโ€™, and to date he has over 25,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Bais recently collaborated with Giuse The Lizia (who was also shortlisted for Sanremo Giovani, but sadly didnโ€™t make the final cut) on โ€˜Post Alluvioneโ€™ which has over 175,000 streams. He is without a doubt a promising star of the indie scene. He will be competing with the song โ€˜Che Fine Mi Faiโ€™.


Martina Beltrami – Riccardo Trudi Diotallevi

One of the most anticipated names in the line-up, millennium baby Martina Beltrami is a singer-songwriter born in Turin. Having had a passion for music since she was a child, Martina rose to fame on the show โ€˜Amici 19โ€™. She has a unique and artistic skillset, and likes to express her emotions through music. With nearly 14,000 monthly listeners, she is one of the Italian faces of Spotifyโ€™s campaign โ€˜Unlike Any Otherโ€™, dedicated to artists in the LGBTQIA+ community. Her song โ€˜Luci Acceseโ€™ has over three million streams, and it debuted at number one on the iTunes singles chart, entered the Spotify โ€˜New Music Fridayโ€™ playlist, and stayed in Spotifyโ€™s โ€˜Viral 50โ€™ playlist for almost a month. She will be competing with the song โ€˜Parlo di teโ€™.


Esseho – Ilaria Ieie

Matteo Montalesi, or โ€˜Essehoโ€™ was born in 1997. He is a multi-instrumentalist, author, and producer from Rome. He has been described as โ€œone of the most interesting names on the emerging contemporary sceneโ€ by Dire Giovani. Essehoโ€™s music is authentic, and without filters or complicated production. His songs โ€˜Constellazioniโ€™ and โ€˜Michelleโ€™ featured in the Netflix series โ€˜Summertimeโ€™. Esseho boasts over 45,000 monthly listeners, and his song โ€˜Bambiโ€™ has over three million streams, being highlighted on the cover of Spotifyโ€™s โ€˜Graffiti Popโ€™ playlist. โ€˜Constellazioniโ€™ also made the cover of the playlist โ€˜Indie Popโ€™ for two consecutive weeks. Additionally, Esseho was recognised in โ€˜MTV New Generationโ€™ and as artist of the month. He will be competing with the song โ€˜Ariannaโ€™.


Oli? – Sofia Brogi

Oli? (Marco Poletto) is an up-and-coming emo/punk artist from Belluno, born in 1996. A modern pop โ€˜revolutionโ€™, he has the goal to make his mark in music culture nowadays with catchy melodies and guitars. Oli? debuted in late 2020 with the song โ€˜f*ckbรธiโ€™ which has over 50,000 streams, and he has since racked up nearly 3,000 monthly listeners. His sound is one described as blending historical bands such as My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 with modern acts like Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud. He will be competing with the song โ€˜Smalto e tintaโ€™.


Matteo Romano – Stefano Giuliano

Matteo Romano was born in 2002 in Cuneo. He started listening to music at an early age, from pop to rock and Italian song writing. Matteo studied percussion and guitar but ultimately settled on singing. He has amassed quite the fanbase on Tiktok, with over 360,000 followers, and 5.4 million likes. On Spotify Matteo has over 260,000 monthly listeners with just two songs, one of which, โ€˜Concedimiโ€™ has nearly thirty million streams with a combined thirteen million views on Youtube across the music video and official audio video. The hashtag โ€˜#concedimiโ€™ on Tiktok has 26 million views, and features a large number of duets. His second single โ€˜Casa di specchiโ€™ has almost two million streams, and highlights his artistic development process. But donโ€™t let his Tiktok fame paint a stereotypical picture in your head, his music is sweet, deep, and mature. Furthermore, Matteo participated in the โ€˜Next Talentโ€™ competition in his city in 2018 and 2019 and won both times. He will be competing with the song โ€˜Testa e croceโ€™.


Samia – Giacomo Gianfelici

Samia originally comes from Yemen, and is half Somali, half Yemeni. She moved to Italy at the age of four months. As a child, Samia would immediately sing and dance after having woken up, showing an early passion for the arts. A newcomer, she debuted just last month with her songs โ€˜Volume Spentoโ€™ (which featured on the โ€˜Swipe Popโ€™ playlist by Apple Music Pop Italiano) and โ€˜Pioveโ€™. With raw music, Samia currently has over 100 monthly listeners, but having debuted such a short time ago, this number is expected to grow soon. She will be competing with the song โ€˜Fammi respirareโ€™.


Tananai – Chilldays (Bogi Plakov)

Alberto Cotta Ramusino, or โ€˜Tananaiโ€™ hails from Milano. Born in 1995, he devoted himself to music production from an early age and writes and produces his own songs. In 2017, he released an electronic album for Universal named โ€˜To Discover And Forgetโ€™ under the pseudonym โ€˜Not For Usโ€™. Following this project, Tananai explored other genres and started writing in Italian. With over 90,000 monthly listeners, Tananai has been featured in such Spotify playlists as โ€˜Indie Italiaโ€™, โ€˜Graffiti Popโ€™, โ€˜New Music Fridayโ€™, and โ€˜Scuola Indieโ€™. His songs โ€˜Giugnoโ€™ and โ€˜BABY GODDAMNโ€™ have over three million streams combined, the latter taking his sound in a new direction and initiating a new era in his career. He will be competing with the song โ€˜Esagerataโ€™.


Yuman – Jacopo Mancini

Class of 1995, Yuman has an Italian mother and a Cape Verdean father. The Roman singer dropped out of university in order to focus on music, which he considers his safe space. He travelled around Europe, in particular London and Berlin, in order to broaden his horizons, and upon returning to Rome he signed with Universal. Yuman has fantastic vocal abilities, paired with a wide range of genres shaped by his many influences. His debut release โ€˜Twelveโ€™ has almost one million streams and reached the top of such Spotify playlists as โ€˜Viral 50โ€™ in Switzerland and Italy. In 2019 he was on the cover of โ€˜Il Vaticano di Repubblicaโ€™ and was proclaimed โ€˜Artist of the Monthโ€™ by MTV, and one of the ten most promising artists of 2019 by Youtube. His song โ€˜I Amโ€™ was played on radios outside of Italy in the UK, Croatia, Belgium, and the USA. To date, Yuman has collected over 1,000 monthly listeners. He will be competing with the song โ€˜Mille nottiโ€™.

The following four emerging artists were selected from Area Sanremo to participate in the final of Sanremo Giovani, alongside the previous eight who were shortlisted from submissions.


Destro – @destromusica Instagram account

Indie pop artist Destro (Luca Castrignanรฒ) is another youngster in the line-up, having been born in 2002 in Lecce. He started singing at the age of twelve, and currently belongs to the label of his producer Beppe Stanco, โ€˜BeatSoundโ€™. He met Stanco whilst participating in โ€˜Premio Luneziaโ€™, one of multiple competitions he has taken part in, including โ€˜Premio Mia Martiniโ€™, and โ€˜Musica รจโ€™. Destro has one release so far named โ€˜Limited Editionโ€™, which was released in July. It has amassed over 2,500 streams so far. Although he only has about 150 monthly listeners, this is a number sure to increase soon. He will be competing with the song โ€˜Agosto di piena estateโ€™.


Littamรจ – @littaa_me Instagram account

Angelica Littamรจ, known by her surname, is a 25-year-old singer from Padua. She has studied singing from the age of 16. Over the past year she has been trying to write her own music in order to express and communicate her feelings. She often sings at weddings alongside her friend on the guitar. Littamรจ was a part of the โ€˜Fatti Santire Festivalโ€™ for emerging Italian talent earlier in the year. Making her major debut on the Sanremo Giovani stage, her performance is anticipated. Aside from music, she also plays volleyball. She will be competing with the song โ€˜Cazzo avete da guardareโ€™.


Senza_Cri – Senza_Cri Youtube channel

Senza_Cri, real name Cristiana Carella, is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Brindisi. She comes from a musical family and has used music in her life to help overcome shyness. Her musical influences are Lucio Dalla, Renato Zero, Luigi Tenco, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Britney Spears, Bee Gees, Justin Bieber, and Billie Eilish. Senza_Cri currently only has a few songs to her name as a newcomer. Her newest release โ€˜Tu saiโ€™ has about 6,000 streams. With a laid-back sound, she has over 500 monthly listeners and counting. She will be competing with the song โ€˜A meโ€™.


Vittoria – @vijctoria Instagram account

Vittoria Sarti, known simply as โ€˜Vittoriaโ€™ is a young (born in 2003) up and comer from Tuscany signed to โ€˜Rusty Recordsโ€™. She has had an artsy flair from a young age, and over the years has expressed herself through drawing, figurative arts, and eventually music and singing. Her influences include punk, R&B, and hip-hop. Vittoria has participated in singing events since she was little, and her accolades include winning the โ€˜New Voiceโ€™ category of โ€˜Cantagiro 2019โ€™. She will be competing with the song โ€˜Californiaโ€™.

You can listen to every song ahead of the final here if youโ€™re in Italy, or have an Italian VPN. It is worth noting that the songs these singers are competing with now will not be the songs they compete with in the Sanremo festival should they get there, meaning the songs listed above are not potential Italian Eurovision entries.

Although, we can begin to get a feel of what each act stands for, their sound, and overall style, and therefore deduce who could potentially be ones to look out for in Turin. As a reminder, we will be seeing two of these artists contending to represent Italy in 2022.

Who are you most excited about from the final shortlist? Do you think anyone in particular stands out as a quality Eurovision act? Let us know!

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