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Who Are Citi Zēni? All You Need To Know About Latvia’s 2022 Artist 🇱🇻

Meet the band behind the lyrics that became a viral sensation

After finishing last overall in 2021 with ‘The Moon Is Rising’ by Samanta Tina, Latvia is looking to get back into the final for the first time since Justs in 2016.

This year’s Latvian act has gained quite a name for themselves over the course of the season, both within the Eurovision bubble and beyond. But who are Citi Zēni, and how do we think they’ll fare in the contest in May?

Who Are Citi Zēni?

Originally starting life as The Citizens LV, Citi Zēni is a six-piece vocal and instrumental group hailing from Latvia, who they’ll be representing at this year’s contest. Consisting of Jānis, Roberts, Toms, Reinis, Krišjānis and Dagnis, the all-vegetarian Citi Zēni has all the charm and charisma that you’d expect from one of the fan favourites of the season. 

Citi Zēni gained their ticket to Turin through their win at Supernova, Latvia’s national final, where they placed first with both jury and televote. Whilst competing in Supernova, their entry ‘Eat Your Salad’ gained traction on TikTok for the now-infamous opening lyric: “Instead of meat, I eat veggies and pussy”. A quick TikTok search will show you just how viral this went, with one sound alone being used in over 9,000 videos and these videos amassing thousands of views each.

Lyrical Controversy

However, there has been some controversy over the lyrical nature of the track. As singer and bassist Roberts announced at London Eurovision Party early in March, “There is one word we cannot say at Eurovision” – due to the EBU’s ruling on expletives in competing entries, Citi Zēni have been forced to remove what would arguably be the most memorable lyric of the entire contest. Despite this, the band are determined to still maintain the full lyrical content and somewhat circumvent the rules – from making a lyric so memorable that fans will almost definitely fill the gap, to aiming to break a world record of the most people tweeting the word ‘pussy’ at once, there’s no doubt that Citi Zēni and their fans will ensure that the song’s full lyrics are known in all their glory, even if they may not be heard by viewers on the night.

How will ‘Eat Your Salad’ do at ESC?

There’s no denying that Citi Zēni has the stage presence to sell a performance – they’ve won their NF, as well as the hearts of many Eurovision fans with their fun, live shows and unstoppable energy. They’re the complete package lyrically, vocally and instrumentally, and have the stage presence to match in abundance. They even have the latest iteration of the “Epic Sax Guy” -a Eurovision legend – in the form of Dagnis.

Where I think there is potential for ‘Eat Your Salad’ to miss the mark slightly is that more “casual” viewers of the contest may not be aware of the original lyrics, so may get slightly caught off-guard by whatever the band choose to do to fill the space in the censored, stage-approved version of the song. There is also the potential for the song to seem slightly on the more gimmicky side of the contest in the eyes of casual viewers, which could go both in their favour or the complete opposite depending on how the performance goes. However, there is no denying that Citi Zēni will put on a show, so, as always, it all comes down to how it goes on the night.

Watch the official music video to ‘Eat Your Salad’ by Citi Zēni below!

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