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X Factor Malta To Return For Third Season!

X Factor was once considered the king of the UK’s TV landscape, but the series has only recently become a hit in the island nation of Malta.

The iconic franchise serves a different purpose for aspiring Maltese stars however, as it has been the gateway to represent the nation at Eurovision since its inception back in 2018.


Broadcaster TVM are keeping tight lipped about their plans for the upcoming season, although it is expected that the winner will fly the flag for Malta next year in Italy, following in the footsteps of the first two winners of the series, Michela Pace and Destiny Chukunyere.

New Success

Michela finished in 14th place at Eurovision 2019 with “Chameleon” while Destiny who was originally set to perform “All of My Love” in 2020 prior to the contest’s cancellation, was the bookies favourite to win Eurovision 2021 for a considerable period of time with “Je Me Casse“. Although she eventually finished in 7th place in the grand final, this was still Malta’s best Eurovision result in 16 years.

It’s clear that this format is working well for Malta, in comparison, the two year’s prior to this saw the country crash out in the semi-finals at Eurovision, with “Breathlessly” by Claudia Faniello and “Taboo” by Christabelle. Evidently, this gave the delegation the ambition to change the selection process up.

We are awaiting news of an eventual broadcast date, but we anticipate that the new series could be on screens later in the Autumn.

It also remains unknown as to who will serve as judges on the new season. Eurovision 2002 runner-up Ira Losco mentored Destiny on the last series, and ultimately helped lead her to victory. She’s a household name in Malta, and a sure ratings winner so one would expect to see her return. Howard Keith Debano, Alexandra Alden and Ray Mercieca are yet to announce their plans.

Are you excited about the return of X Factor Malta? Or do you believe it’s time for the broadcaster to go back to the classic MESC format? Be sure to let us know!

Update: It was later confirmed that X Factor Malta would not be the artist selection method for Eurovision 2022, with news in the coming months expected to confirm a new format.

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