North Macedonia ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฐ Turin 2022

Who Is Andrea? All You Need To Know About North Macedonia’s 2022 Artist ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

How will North Macedonia fair at Eurovision 2022?

North Macedonia will be looking to head back to the Grand Final after a disappointing 2021 result with “Here I Stand” by Vasil, finishing 15th in the semi-final. What do the nation have in store for us this year? Let’s take a closer look at “Circles” and Andrea!

Who Is Andrea?

Andrea is a 22 year old singer-song writer from Skopje, North Macedonia. At the age of 5 for a year, she moved to New York due to her father’s work and was very inspired by the music scene there. She told the Official Eurovision Song Contest podcast:

“That’s when [In America] for the first time I heard a gospel choir sing and my life changed forever”

Andrea on the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast

She got the ticket to Turin by winning the national final, Za Evrosong 2022. This was actually decided on a tiebreaker between her and second place Viktor with his song “Superman”. The deciding factor was that Andrea won the the international jury receiving the full 12 points, while Viktor received 8. This meant Andrea’s midtempo track “Circles” would be going to Eurovision.

How Will Circles Do At ESC?

The biggest selling point of the whole package is Andrea herself. She is a brilliant performer with a voice that sounds exactly the same live as it does on the studio, impressing fans at pre parties. However, is the song strong enough on its own? The song did go through the revamp process with very minimal changes, the second verse just repeats the first, and lacks originality. But on the flip side of this, it is very catchy and her vocal style is very familiar and pleasing – giving a hint of Hayley Williams from Paramore (Who Andrea does state as one of her main inspirations). Mixed in with the push she gives this live, it’s not dead in the water for sure.

โ€˜Circlesโ€™ unfortunately has a tendency to be “liked” by the average listener rather than “loved”. Eurovision fans in general have respected this track for what it is, but nothing more. Is that enough for people to pick up the phone to vote for it? Is it enough for juries to put in their top 10? We’ll find out in May.

Listen to “Circles” – Andrea below!

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