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Melodi Grand Prix 2022: Artists We’d Like to See

Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix has become a staple when it comes to national selections. It has an engaging format that keeps interest high, and it helps that it includes some of the finest Norweigan artists and rising stars.

In 2021, one of Norway’s biggest stars TIX took the trophy, and it’s hoped that his win will encourage more established stars to enter the contest, or convince some of the finest acts of recent years to return. Here’s our list of artists we’d like to see in MGP.


Ruben is one of Norway’s biggest artists. His rich vocals compliment his self-written songs, making him one of the standout musicians in modern pop music. His song ‘Lay By Me’ has currently gathered 95 million streams on Spotify, and he himself has become extremely popular in the 5 years he’s been releasing songs. The idea of him competing in MGP isn’t entirely impossible – he co-wrote 2020 MGP entry ‘Pink Jacket’ for Alexandru. Could he be one of the more well known artists we see influenced by TIX’s success taking part in MGP? Only time will tell.

Ruben songs we recommed:

  • Burn Down This Room
  • Dear God
  • Revenge


Like Ruben, Dagny has become a huge star in Norway. Her debut album ‘Strangers/Lovers’ reached #2 on the Norwegian Charts, and she’s toured with worldwide famous acts such as Elton John and Bryan Adams. Dagny’s current music consists of pop beats and 80s synth. Her radio-friendly sound and well-known image could help her if she was to ever enter MGP, and her music would undoubtedly impress at Eurovision.

Dagny songs we recommend:

  • Somebody
  • Come Over
  • Coulda Woulda Shoulda


VILDE is a singer/songwriter from Tjøme. By the end of 2020, she had achieved over one million streams across her 4 releases. At the start of 2021, she was named NRK P3’s ‘Artist of the Month’, and her song ‘Motions’ became their ‘Song of the Week’, also gaining airplay on radio stations in the UK. Melodi Grand Prix could be a great place for VILDE to build on her already blossoming career, an opportunity for her to show a wider audience in Norway her modern, fresh take on pop music. There is no doubt that she will be one to watch in the future.

VILDE songs we recommend:

  • Never Said Enough
  • Run Away
  • Motions

Eirik Lyng

Eirik Lyng may only be 18, but he’s already had some involvement with Melodi Grand Prix. In 2017, he competed in the junior version of the contest with ‘Her For Dig’. He also released a single with 2021 MGP competitor Stina Talling. Eirik’s music is infectious and youthful. MGP would be the perfect platform for him to return to the stage and show Norway his music today. He sings in Norwegian – could he be the one to bring the language back to the Eurovision stage?

Eirik Lyng songs we recommed:

  • En Som Dæ
  • Midnattssol
  • Hvis Du Vil


IMERIKA quickly became a favourite in Melodi Grand Prix 2021 with ‘I Can’t Escape’. Her soulful voice conveyed all the emotions needed to carry the song. Not only was it arguably one of the best ballads we heard in the 2021 season, but it was also IMERIKA’s debut single. Her returning to MGP off the back of the hype ‘I Can’t Escape’ achieved could really benefit her. We definitely believe she could establish herself as one of Norway’s breakout stars & one we’d love to see on the Eurovision stage.

Listen to I Can’t Escape below:


Adelén is one artist many people would love to see return to MGP. She came 2nd in 2013 with her debut single ‘Bombo’, which topped the charts in Norway. A year later she reached #3 on the charts with ‘Olé’. Since then, she has continued serving her perfect pop sound, and her comeback singles in 2021 have been no different. Her current sound is contemporary pop music that’s still authentically Adelén, her latest song ‘Obsessed’ is exactly the type of sound that could make her a fan favourite in MGP once again. If she does return to the competition, we are certain that she’d take the contest by storm.

Adelén songs we recommend:

  • Obsessed
  • Safety Light
  • Always On My Mind

Let us know below who you think should enter Melodi Grand Prix! Does Norway’s hopes rest in the hands of a returnee or a breakout star?

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