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Melodi Grand Prix: Grand Final Preview ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด

After four heats and a second chance round, Melodi Grand Prix reaches its conclusion on February 19th!

Norway will be the first of the Scandinavian nations to make their selection for Eurovision 2022. The final will consist of the 5 automatic qualifiers, the 4 winners from the heats and the second chance winner.

The running order for the show is:

  1. ‘Hammer Of Thor’ – Oda Gondrosen
  2. ‘Someone’ – Northkid
  3. ‘Queen Bees’ – Anna-Lisa Kumoji
  4. ‘Dangerous’ – Farida
  5. ‘Made Of Glass’ – Sofie Fjellvang
  6. ‘Black Flowers’ – Frode Vassel
  7. ‘Wonder Of The World’ – Christian Ingebrigtsen
  8. Fly‘ – Maria Mohn
  9. ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ – Subwoolfer
  10. ‘Death Of Us’ – Elsie Bay

Who Will Win Melodi Grand Prix 2022?

We’ve already got you covered with information about all of this years acts in our previews for Heat One, Two, Three and Four, but only one of them will be able to win.

All the artists will perform, with the top four being selected to enter the second round. The top two will then enter the final duel. The votes will be separated by area and the song with the most amount of votes will be declared the winner.

But who are the one’s leading the charge to take first place and head off to Turin? Here are all the favourites ahead of tonights show.

Elsie Bay – ‘Death Of Us’

Elsie Bay has been a huge favourite to win the contest with international viewers since the songs were released at the start of January. ‘Death Of Us’ is on many peoples wishlists for Eurovision 2022, and it looks like she’ll be hoping her new fanbase will be giving her the support she needs to get the ticket to Italy. She herself has predicted the final duel to be between Subwoolfer and Northkid, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if she finds herself competing in it at the end of the night.

You can see her performance of ‘Death Of Us’ from Heat One below:

Sofie Fjellvang – ‘Made Of Glass’

Sofie Fjellvang may not have originally been considered a potential winner, but she has found herself in the top 4 of the odds going into the final. It isn’t a surprise, however, after a strong performance and staging concept in Heat 4 saw her advance to the final. Her song is written by former winner Mรธrland, who usually has success when he’s been involved with entries in Melodi Grand Prix, winning in 2015, coming second in 2019 and writing 2020 winner ‘Attention’. Will Sofie follow in his footsteps and take first place? We’ll have to wait and see.

You can see her performance of ‘Made Of Glass’ in Heat 4 below:

Northkid- ‘Someone’

Despite not initially being a favourite, Northkid has been able to capture many new fans after their performance in Heat 3, which now sees them in contention to be declared the winner of MGP. They’ll have northern Norway on their side, which could work in their favour if they make it to the final duel. In Heat 3, they gave an impressive performance of ‘Someone’, despite technical issues with the in-ear monitor and the curtain failing to fall down at the correct time. This hasn’t fazed them though, as they’ve taken it all in good humour on social media. If their performance goes to plan on Saturday, they may be going to Italy in May.

You can see their performance of ‘Someone’ in Heat 3 below:

Subwoolfer – ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’

Last, but certainly not least, we have Subwoolfer. They’ve been top of the odds since the songs were released, and have only seen this lead increase as the weeks have progressed. Norwegians seem to love the song, and the mystery surrounding their identities is still a huge talking point – they’ve even teased a potential reveal of the people under the masks tonight on their Instagram. ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ has recently caused a bit of a stir online, with some thinking it’s perfect for Eurovision, and others believing it falls into being a ‘joke’ act, which doesn’t necessarily fit the current musical direction Eurovision is going in. Their interesting backstory will at least provide a talking point for commentators during the shows at ESC, and it won’t come as a surprise to anyone if we see them there in May.

You can see their performance of ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ in Heat 4 below:

You can watch the MGP final at 19:50 CET/18:50 GMT here: NRK

Which songs are you backing to win? Be sure to let us know!

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