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Melodi Grand Prix: Heat Four Preview ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด

It’s time for the final Heat of MGP 2022!

The fourth and final heat of Melodi Grand Prix takes place tonight, February 5th 2022. One more act has the chance to reach the final, whilst the rest will be up against the non-qualifiers from the previous 3 heats in the last chance round next week.

Here are the artists and songs taking part in heat 4…

Sofie Fjellvang – ‘Made Of Glass’

Sofie Fjellvang first appeared to Norweigan audiences last year, on The Voice 2021. She has always dreamed of being a musician and is now looking to pursue that career through MGP.

‘Made Of Glass’ was written by Sofie and Kjetil Mรธrland. Mรธrland is an extremely popular name amongst both Eurovision fans and Norwegians – he placed 8th at Eurovision in 2015 with ‘A Monster Like Me’ (with Debrah Scarlett) and came second in MGP 2019 with ‘En Livredd Mann’. He is also the writer behind 2020 winner ‘Attention’ by Ulrikke and 2021’s finalist ‘Eyes Wide Open’ by Rein Alexander – both of which he wrote alongside 2022’s automatic qualifier Christian Ingebrigtsen.

Sofie and Mรธrland are currently working on her EP, which looks to be released at some point in 2022.

You can listen to ‘Made Of Glass’ below!

Kim Wigaard – ‘La Melodia’

An established musical and opera performer in both Norway and internationally, Kim Wigaard has had a successful career over the years and has even performed Off-Broadway in New York.

This isn’t his first time in Melodi Grand Prix – in 2020, he duetted with Maria Mohn – who is now competing against him in this heat – with ‘Fool For Love’.

‘La Melodia’ shows off Kim’s strong vocal ability, and operatic talent. Will this be the year he qualifies for the MGP final?

You can listen to ‘La Melodia’ below!

Alexandra Joner – ‘Hasta La Vista’

Alexandra Joner makes her return to MGP after competing in 2015 with ‘Cinderella’. She’s multi-talented, being not only a singer but a dancer, actress and prominent figure in the beauty industry also. With her music, she’s seen great success – her song ‘Sunrise’ with Madcon went to triple platinum in 2012.

10 years on, she’s now hoping for similar success with ‘Hasta La Vista’. Will she qualify and take it all the way to the top in the final? Only time will tell…

You can listen to ‘Hasta La Vista’ below!

Maria Mohn – ‘Fly’

Another one of many idol contestants in MGP this year, Maria Mohn returns with her song ‘Fly’.

As already mentioned. Maria performed in MGP in 2020 with Kim Wigaard but failed to make an appearance in the final after being eliminated. This year, she’ll be hoping for a different outcome.

She’s received many positive reviews for her vocal ability, but will viewers be just as impressed as the critics?

You can listen to ‘Fly’ below!

Automatic Qualifier Performances

Anna-Lisa Kumoji – “Queen Bees”

Anna-Lisa Kumoji is returning to MGP in 2022 after her success in 2019 with her song ‘Holla’, which came 4th in the gold final. Prior to her first MGP appearance, she was a contestant on All Together Now.

Outside of music, Anna-Lisa is an actress, lending her voice to a number of film dubs/voiceovers and having roles in musicals such as ‘West Side Story’ and The Book Of Mormon’.

This year, Anna-Lisa’s sending a song called ‘Queen Bees’, but will she be the Queen Bee of MGP and win the entire contest? We’ll find out on February 19th.

You can listen to ‘Queen Bees’ below!

Subwoolfer – ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’

The mystery surrounding the identity of Subwoolfer has become a big talking point amongst fans – no one actually knows who the pair are. There are rumours that is potentially Norweigan duo Ylvis, who are behind the 2013 global hit ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ however this is only speculation. It is however a little confusing as to why an act with a backstory like theirs and no previous career (that we know of) would be guaranteed a place in the final.

Subwoolfer – simply known as brothers Keith and Jim – met “4.5 billion years ago” when “the moon was a separate planet”. In 1969, “a prophet from heaven called Neil said he’d make them famous on earth when they’d written the best song in the universe”. He never returned, but Subwoolfer got hold of DJ Astronaut and came to earth. They now look to perform ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ at MGP in an attempt to summon Neil.

This information genuinely comes from NRK’s MGP ‘Meet The Artists’ page. Believe it or not, they also seem to be Norway’s favourite to represent the country at Eurovision based on various polls and opinions. This song is definitely one to watch in the final.

You can listen to ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ below!

The Duels will be revealed at the start of the show.

You can watch Heat Four of MGP on Saturday, February 5th at 19:50 pm CET on NRK, or NRKโ€™s website.

Who are you hoping to see make it through? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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