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Melodi Grand Prix: Heat One Preview ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด

Norway’s annual selection for Eurovision, Melodi Grand Prix, kicks off on Saturday, January 15th, with 21 acts looking to follow in TIX‘s footsteps to represent the nation in Turin this May.

Over the next 6 weeks, 16 acts will compete to earn their place in the grand final alongside the 5 automatic qualifiers. Four acts will compete across four heats, with only one song qualifying. The songs that don’t make it will then compete in a second chance round, where once again, one will go through to the grand final.

Here, you can find out all about the artists and songs competing in heat one.

Frode Vassel – ‘Black Flowers’

There isn’t a lot of information about Frode Vassel available., however, he’ll be known to Norweigan viewers who may have seen him competing on The Voice Norway in the Spring of 2021.

MGP won’t be his first Eurovision related experience. He provided backing vocals for Norway at ESC in 2017, 2018 and 2019 – could he follow their success?

You can listen to ‘Black Flowers’ below!

Mira Craig – ‘We Still Here’

Mira Craig is a well-established musician from Oslo. Debuting in 2005, she has seen success both in and out of Norway, impressing the likes of international musicians such as Snoop Dogg and Wyclef Jean.

This isn’t Mira’s first time at Melodi Grand Prix. In 2008, she wrote ‘Hold On Be Strong’, which went on to win the contest and place 5th at Eurovision, and in 2010 she entered the contest as an artist with ‘I’ll Take You High’. Will it be the third time lucky for Mira?

You can listen to ‘We Still Here’ below!

Eline Noelia – ‘Ectasy’

Not much is known about Eline Noelia. She’s 22 years old and says on her Instagram that she ‘decided to invest in the pop dream in 2021’, with ‘Ecstasy’ looking likely to be her debut single. According to NRK, she’s inspired by 2010s pop and 90’s legends. She recently signed a deal with Warner Music Norway, and there is no better way to get yourself out in front of the public as an emerging artist like a national final!

You can listen to ‘Ecstasy’ below!

Trollfest – ‘Dance Like A Pink Flamingo’

Trollfest has been around since 2003 and refers to their music as ‘true Norweigan Balkan metal’. They write their songs in a fictional language referred to as ‘Trollsprรฅk’, which is a mix of German and Norweigan.

They look to bring some fun to Heat One of Melodi Grand Prix, will they go all the way and take it to Turin too?

You can listen to ‘Dance Like A Pink Flamingo’ Below!

Automatic Qualifer Performance

Elsie Bay – ‘Death Of Us’

As well as the 16 semi-finalists, 5 acts have been automatically selected for a place in the final. These 5 acts will perform over the 4 Heats.

Heat one will see Elsie Bay perform her song ‘Death Of Us’. Elsie first found success as a member of the pop duo ‘Elsa & Emilie’, and now looks to set her sights on solo stardom.

She’s been involved with MGP before, being one of the songwriters behind ‘Witch Woods’ by Emmy, which reached the final in 2021. She also wrote ‘Hammer Of Thor’ by Oda Gondrosen, which is taking part this year in Heat 3.

Her song has already become a favourite with fans, with some even saying it has the potential to win not only MGP but also Eurovision. Only time will tell, but it looks like she’s the one to beat in the competition.

You can listen to ‘Death Of Us’ below!

The songs will compete in two duels, that this year have been announced ahead of the show by NRK. The duels are:

Duel 1: ‘We Still Here’ vs. ‘Ecstasy’,

Duel 2: ‘Black Flowers’ vs. ‘Dance Like A Pink Flamingo’

You can watch MGP on NRK’s website on January 15th at 19:50 CET.

Who are you hoping to see make it through? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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