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Melodi Grand Prix: Heat Two Preview ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด

Following on from Frode Vassel’s victory in heat one, four more acts will compete for a place alongside him and the five automatic qualifiers for a place in the final of MGP 2022.

But who will it be? Here are all the songs taking part in heat two…

Farida – ‘Dangerous’

Farida’s career took off in 2016 and gained backing from both Billboard and MTV. She’s opened for Dua Lipa, and has become a successful songwriter – she was a finalist in the prestigious ‘John Lennon Songwriting Contest’ in NYC in 2021. She’s gearing up to release her debut album, and ‘Dangerous’ is just the start of her journey in 2022.

You can listen to ‘Dangerous’ below!

Steffan Jakobsen – ‘With Me Tonight’

Known to Norweigan audiences after placing third in Idol in 2013, Steffan Jakobsen now sets his sites on success at MGP. He’s a country music artist and songwriter and has released two successful albums in 2009 and 2013.

MGP looks to reintroduce Norweigan viewers to Steffans rich vocals and country style – will they decide to send him to the final as they did in Idol? We’ll find out soon…

You can listen to ‘With Me Tonight’ below!

Daniel Lukas – Kvelertak

Like Steffan, Daniel Lukas has also competed on Idol. This also isn’t Daniels first time in MGP – he took part in MGPJR in 2013. Clearly passionate about music, Daniel seems to be using MGP as a stepping stone to becoming a full-time music artist – right now he works as a salesman! His song is completely in Norwegian and is the first song to be performed in the native language in MGP 2022.

You can listen to ‘Kvelertak’ below!

Lily Lรถwe – ‘Bad Baby’

Lily Lรถwe is 26 years old and mainly makes rock music, but also adds elements of pop, punk and metal. She’s a costume and makeup artist behind the scenes, working on many productions including ‘Rรฅdebank’ on NRK. She is now looking to debut centre stage with ‘Bad Baby’ at MGP.

You can listen to ‘Bad Baby’ below!

Automatic Qualifier Performance

Christian Ingebrigtsen – ‘Wonder Of The World’

As a BRIT and MTV Award winner, Christian Ingebrigtsen is one of the most established artists in this years MGP. Born and raised in Norway, he joined British pop group A1 in 1998 and saw success throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their first eight singles reached the top 10 in the UK charts, and two went to number one both in the UK and Norway.

Christian has been actively involved with songwriting for MGP since 2008, most notably being the songwriter behind ‘Attention’ by Ulrikke, which won the contest in 2020 and was a favourite to win Eurovision before its cancellation.

Despite being his solo debut in the contest, he’s actually competed before. In 2010, A1 took part with ‘Don’t Wanna Lose You Again’ which placed second, losing to ‘My Heart Is Yours’ by Didrik Solli-Tangen. This year he’s actually up against bandmate Ben Adams – Ben wrote VILDE’s song ‘Titans’, which will be performed in Heat 3.

‘Wonder Of The World’ is a classic ballad, and if we were voting on previous success alone, Christian would be going to Turin. But will the song impress viewers? Only time will tell…

You can listen to ‘Wonder Of The World’ below!

NRK has revealed the duels for heat two, and they are:

Duel 1: Bad Baby vs. With Me Tonight

Duel 2: Kvelertak vs. Dangerous

You can watch Heat Two of MGP on Saturday, January 22nd at 19:50 pm CET on NRK, or NRK’s website.

Who are you hoping to see make it through? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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