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Festival da Canção 2022: Semi-final 2 preview 🇵🇹

I know what you’re thinking: “A National Final show? On a Monday night?” Well, 7th March 2022 marks the 65th anniversary of RTP’s main channel, RTP1, becoming Portugal’s first television channel to start broadcasting, and Festival da Canção is getting in on the celebrations!

Tonight sees the second of two semi-finals airing, with the remaining ten acts competing for one of five tickets to Saturday’s grand final. This article previews the artists taking part in the second semi-final, in their pre-determined running order. Will any of these ten become Portugal’s Eurovision representative this year?

Os Azeitonas – ‘Solta a voz e canta’

Os Azeitonas (translated as “The Olives”) are a pop-rock group from Porto, and are very well established having released 5 albums since their formation in 2002. After several line-up changes, they currently consist of 3 members, who all use stage names: – Marlon (real name Mário Brandão), Nena (Luísa Barbosa), and Salsa (João Salcedo). Directly invited to participate in FdC by RTP, they will open the second semi-final with ‘Solta a voz e canta’ (‘Let go of the voice and sing’).

Cubita – ‘Uma mensagem tua’

Cubita have already released several songs over the past few years, such as ‘2am’, ‘Fica Conmigo’, and ‘Au Revior’. The band have also been directly invited to compete by RTP, and are trying their hand at FdC with their song “Uma mensagem tua” (“A Message From You”).

Inês Homem de Melo – ‘Fome de viagem’

Inês Homem de Melo is actually a psychiatric practitioner by trade, and hasn’t released any singles before her FdC entry, ‘Fome de viagem’ (‘Hunger to travel’). The song is one of four entries selected from the Open Call for submissions.

‘Fome de Viagem’ includes lines in several languages, including Spanish and English, as well as Portuguese. Will this prove popular with voters, and secure a spot in Saturday’s final?

Syro – ‘Ainda nos temos’

Syro is also known as Diogo Lopez, and was initially part of a rock band called Caelum, as a drummer. Since his involvement with the band ended, he has released several solo singles such as ‘Volta Para Ti’ and ‘Casa’. He competes in FdC this year having been invited directly by RTP, with the song ‘Ainda nos temos’ (‘We still have’).

Pepperoni Passion – ‘Código 30’

Pepperoni Passion is the last of the four Open Call selections to appear. The name of the band was inspired by the group ordering a pizza of the same name from Dominos during a jam session. Their FdC entry ‘Código 30’ (‘Code 30’) appears to be their debut release- how successful will they be during the contest?

Milhanas – ‘Corpo de mulher’

Sadly, there appears to be very little information about Milhanas online, so it only remains to be seen how they will do with their entry ‘Corpo de mulher’ (‘Woman’s body’). However, the song was written by Agir, who in 2016 won the Best Individual Performer award at the Portuguese Golden Globes.

O Vampiro Submarino – ‘Ao lado de mim’

O Vampiro Submarino (“The Underwater Vampire”) is a new band formed by Paulo Zé Pimenta, who is normally known by the stage name PZ. PZ also wrote the band’s FdC entry, ‘Ao lado de mim’ (‘Next to me’). He came up with this new band in order to experiment with different styles compared to the normal electronic that he favours when performing as PZ. Will this new style prove successful in the competition? Only time will tell.

Jonas – ‘Pontas soltas’

Jonas released his first album, São Jorge, in 2021. He was also a backing singer for Portugal’s 2008 Eurovision entry, ‘Senhora do mar (Negras águas)’. Can he make it to Eurovision again as a solo artist with the song, ‘Pontas soltas’ (‘Loose ends’)?

Blacci – ‘Mar no fim’

Blacci was born in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and is a fairly new artist on the Portuguese music scene, having previously released the singles ‘Vou Te Amar’, with young Portuguese singer, Murta, and ‘Loko’ both in 2021.

The 20-year-old is also working on her first EP, called ‘Galeria’. She wrote her FdC entry ‘Mar no fim’ (‘Sea at the end’) herself – will it see her sail through to the final this coming weekend?

Pongo & Tristany – ‘Dégrá.dê’

Pongo was born in Angola and moved to Portugal with her family to escape civil war. She first started performing with a group called Denon Squad, and released a solo EP (‘Baia’) in 2018. She later participated in the French festival, Fête de la Musique.

For FdC, she teams up with Tristany, who released a hip-hop album called ‘Meia Riba Kalxa’ in 2021. Will this pairing prove to be successful with their entry ‘Dégrá.dê’ (‘Gradation’).

The second semi-final of Festival da Canção airs tonight at 10pm CET, where the top five songs based on a combination of jury and televoting will qualify for the final next weekend!

You can watch the show live on RTP1 (Direto RTP1 – RTP Play – RTP), or on RTP Internacional (Direto RTP Internacional – RTP Play – RTP).

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