Romania 🇷🇴 Turin 2022

Selecţia Naţională: Semi Final Preview 🇷🇴

Tonight, we see Romania take a step closer to discovering their representative for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Having failed to qualify for The Grand Final since 2017, fans will be hoping for a strong contender to get them there this year.

There will be twenty acts competing for the honour of being one of ten acts progressing to the final on 5th March.

The participants:

Alex Parker & Bastien – ‘All this love’
Aldo Blaga – ‘Embers’
Andra Oproiu – ‘Younique’
Andrei Petruş – ‘Take me’
ARIS – ‘Do Svidaniya’
Cezar Ouatu – ‘For everyone’
Claudia, Minodora, Diana – ‘România mea’
Dora Gaitanovici – ‘Ana’
E-an-na – ‘Malere’
Eliza G – ‘The other half of me’
Eugenia Nicolae – ‘Doina’
Gabriel Basco – ‘One night’
Kyrie Mendél – ‘Hurricane’
Mălina – ‘Prisoner’
MØISE – ‘Guilty’
Oana Tabultoc – ‘Utopia’
Petra – ‘Ireligios’
VANU – ‘Never give up’
Vizi Imre – ‘Sparrow’
wrs – ‘Llámame’


ARIS – ‘Do Svidaniya’

‘Do Svidaniya’, is a pop entry performed in English by singer-songwriter Larisa Ciortan, under the stage name ARIS. She made her name in Romania by coming fourth in the first series of X Factor Romania, as part of duo T&L. The song, produced in part by UK based Will Taylor, who is responsible for producing a wide range of national final entries across Europe, is undoubtedly a solid pop song, but would it be strong enough to go up against the likes of ‘SloMo’ and ‘Sekret’ in Turin? Only time will tell…

Dora Gaitanovici – ‘Ana’

‘Ana’ would be a return to a traditional sound for Romania. Written in Romanian by Dora herself, runner up on series eight of The Voice Romania (Vocea României), the use of the violin complements the rock ballad well. Dora’s vocal soars, and is more than a match for the instrumental that she’s up against.

E-an-na – ‘Malere’

E-en-na was founded in 2014 when members of metal band Prohod wished to start a folk-metal band. Their entry, ‘Malare’, involves traditional Romanian elements to create a fun, upbeat number that comes alive on stage. After not making the line-up initially, it seems to have become a favourite among fans, although whether the jury will favour it is yet to be seen.

wrs – ‘Llámame’

‘Llámame’, is a dance entry performed in English and Spanish by singer-songwriter Andrei Ursu, under the stage name wrs. After leaving boyband SHOT to move to London and work on his songwriting skills in 2017, he eventually signed with Global Records in 2020. In ‘Llámame’, wrs adds traditional-sounding elements to a light dance track, and creates something incredibly catchy that grows on you with each listen, but would it be enough to reach the final?

Who are you expecting to reach the final of Selecția Națională tonight, and who would you like to see flying the flag for Romania in Turin?

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