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Who is Achille Lauro? All You Need To Know About San Marino’s 2022 Artist ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฒ

Taking a closer look at the “Stripper” performer

The microstate will be looking to build on their qualifying streak in 2022 with Italian household name Achille Lauro, but how will he fare on (technically) home soil? We take a look at Achille Lauro’s chances at Eurovision 2022 and have a deeper dive into his entry, “Stripper”.

Who is Achille Lauro?

Lauro De Marinis is much better known as Achille Lauro – an Italian singer, songwriter and all-round performer. He started off his career in the Italian hip hop scene and then rose to mainstream popularity through Sanremo 2019 with the song “Rolls Royce”, where he finished in 9th place. He’s since then become a very popular name within Sanremo, competing again in 2020 with “Me ne frego” and at the 2022 edition with “Domenica”.

It was then, to everyone’s surprise, announced that he would take part in San Marino’s Eurovision National Final for 2022 Una Voce Per San Marino as part of the established artist’s section. He then won this show with the song “Stripper”, with the prize to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2022. It was definitely a shock to see him compete for another selection show when he had made himself at home at Sanremo (Italy’s popular music festival where the winner gets first refusal to go to Eurovision, of course) but fans are excited to see him on the Eurovision stage as he’s captured the hearts of many across Europe with his demonstrative stage performances. He’ll often use storytelling and fashion, and will express support for social causes when on stage, which includes anything from LGBTQ+ rights and feminism to baptism on stage!

Achille Lauro’s performance of “Me ne frego” at Sanremo 2020

A closer look at “Stripper”

So what about his Eurovision entry for 2022, “Stripper”? “Stripper” is mainly in Italian with some hints of English phrases. Its sound is very punk-influenced with hints of rock and even Brit-pop thrown into the mix. The lyrics are easy to pick up, you’ll be singing the repetitive English chorus by the end of the song. This is how Achille himself has described the meaning of “Stripper”:

“A feminist anthem based on the duality of man and woman … Itโ€™s about feeling like a woman and not worrying about outside judgment”.

Achille Lauro on “Stripper”. Source: wiwibloggs

Achille wants the listeners of “Stripper” to feel empowered, to be themselves and create a judgement-free zone. The power and performance that Achllie gives will elevate this message and hopefully for Achille and San Marino, leave the listener wanting more and to be a part of his world where you can be anything and everything you want to be.

Achille Lauro performing “Stripper” at Una Voce Per San Marino 2022

How will Achille Lauro do at ESC?

Achille Lauro is a performer you don’t forget easily and will be ready to rock the stage in semi-final two. It’s hard to tell at this stage what his ESC performance of “Stripper” will be like as we’ve only seen it performed on a small scale. However, right now, let’s take a look at the song itself. It may be too outlandish for the average Eurovision viewer, potentially too aggressive in its nature and will most certainly have to deal with “Mรฅneskin copy” comments (despite him being a good ten years older than the band). Speaking of Italy, he will definitely miss the Italian televote in this semi, as they are voting in semi-final one. Nonetheless, he may gain some friends in the United Kingdom, as they are voting in his semi-final and have in the past been open toward rock and indie entries.

Achille is performing in the second semi-final in the seventh slot, after Malta and Australia – both slower-paced, but accessible songs. Achille may flourish and stand out because of this or the viewers may crave something they are more used to. We’ll have to wait and see, but we wouldn’t be shocked to see him fall victim to the second outcome. A shame for such a seasoned and respectful artist in Italy.

What do you think of “Stripper”? Where do you see it placing in Turin? Let us know in the comments!

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