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Who Are LPS? All You Need To Know About Sloveniaโ€™s 2022 Artists ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

Everything You Need To Know About LPS

After a somewhat unexpected win of EMA 2022, LPS won the ticket to represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2022. Here we learn more about who LPS are, and their chances in Turin.

Who are LPS?

LPS, which stands for ‘Last Pizza Slice’, is a band formed by school friends from Grammar School Celje-Center in Celje, Slovenia in 2018. It comprises the following members:

  • Filip Viduลกin โ€“ lead vocals
  • Gaลกper Hlupiฤ โ€“ drums
  • Mark Semeja โ€“ electric guitar
  • Zala Velenลกek โ€“ bass, tenor, alto saxophone
  • ลฝiga ลฝviลพej โ€“ keyboard

Despite their young age and having only been together for a few years, LPS have made a name for themselves in Slovenia by performing at a number of concerts and festivals.

LPS’ journey to Eurovision started with EMA Freลก, a pre-contest for the Slovenian national final which focused on up-and-coming talent. All artists entering EMA Freลก had to be under age 30 with fewer than three commercial singles, with the intention of introducing ‘fresh’ talent to EMA that might not otherwise have found this platform. LPS qualified from EMA Freลก to earn a spot in one of the semi-finals for EMA, the national final for Slovenia. After qualifying from the semi-final, LPS made it to the final of EMA and ended up winning the entire selection, after coming top of the televote and second with the juries.

Their song ‘Disko’, as the name would suggest, is throwback disco number that is reminiscent of the 1970s music. Despite the upbeat and danceable nature of the song, the lyrics are surprisingly poignant as they describe Filip’s true story of his girlfriend breaking up with him at the disco.

I’m watching you
Leaving with another one without me
I want you
But you’re giving your heart away to another one
We’re dancing
But that’s only in my dreams
No, you won’t come back

Chorus of ‘Disko’ by LPS

How Well Will LPS Do At Eurovision?

As things stand, Slovenia are last in the odds for qualifying from Semi Final 1, so on that basis it doesn’t look likely that LPS will qualify. However, โ€˜Diskoโ€™ has been gaining traction in the fandom, with many fans appreciating the authenticity of the song (composed and written by LPS). Nowadays in Eurovision there is an appetite for genuine efforts that aren’t made for Eurovision, as opposed to more contrived packages that are entered specifically for the contest.

LPS themselves come across very likeable and endearing. As five teenagers from a small city in Slovenia, they are unassuming and seemingly thankful for the opportunity to perform on such a massive platform. On stage they seem to enjoy themselves and have great chemistry with each other, coming across as real friends who love their music, rather than 5 solo artists plonked together in an X Factor-style supergroup.

Regardless of how LPS perform in the Eurovision results, I really appreciate this entry being in this year’s contest, ‘Disko’ feels like a breath of fresh air amongst this year’s line-up. It’s worth noting that LPS won the televote for EMA, so they certainly have televote appeal in some capacity, it’s just unclear whether this extends outside Slovenia. In addition, Slovenia also has some neighbours in this semi that they could rely on for points (Croatia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland). Nevertheless, LPS and the Slovenian broadcaster can be proud of their Eurovision 2022 effort. I would implore other broadcasters to use a format similar to EMA Freลก, as this gives the opportunity to discover new and fresh talent that may be a welcome addition to their national final, and potentially be a credible Eurovision artist.

Listen to Sloveniaโ€™s ESC 2022 entry below!

What do you think of โ€˜Diskoโ€™? Could LPS make it to the final on May 14th? Let us know in the comments!

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