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๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Spain: RTVE receive 866 submissions for Benidorm Fest

In a press conference earlier today, Spanish broadcaster RTVE revealed they have received more than 800 entries for the upcoming, revived Benidorm Festival!

Overall, 866 entries were submitted, including 194 from artists invited from RTVE. Songs were submitted in various languages such as Spanish and English, but also Catalan and Galician. Some songs also have sentences in the Basque language.

As expected with the variety of languages, there has also been a variety of genres submitted. RTVE consider the quality of entrants to be very high.

RTVE have previously said that 12 entries would be chosen to compete in two semi-finals. However, they today said that if necessary, this number would be increased.

RTVE will announce which artists will participate in the Benidorm Festival before December 25th, 2021. Artists known to have submitted a song are Marta Sango, who competed in Operaciรณn Triunfo 2018, and Indie Pop group Cariรฑo.

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