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Clara Rubensson Releases Original Version of “The Ride”

It’s the Eurovision 2021 song that caused controversy when selected for Poland, but what may appear as a surprising fact to some is how The Ride wasn’t just drawn up days before the deadline and handed to Rafaล‚ Brzozowski. Its Swedish origin makes for an interesting tale…

Clara Rubensson is an up and coming Swedish singer-songwriter, alongside Joakim ร–vrenius, Johan Mauritzon and Thomas Karlsson she co-wrote the original version of The Ride in 2020 – with the sole intention of submitting it for SVT’s Melodifestivalen 2021. Clara had hopes of debuting in the competition with this track.

Unfortunately missing the deadline for Melfest, the song was then forwarded to the Polish delegation at TVP – and it’s reported that other artists recorded a new version of the track before it reached Rafaล‚. (Including Poland’s 2020 artist Alicja Szempliล„ska).

Rafaล‚ was then eventually chosen to represent Poland in Rotterdam, and although the track may be considered a guilty pleasure to certain fragments of the community; it was never tipped by the odds to bring the nation any real success, and rightly so. It placed 14th in the second semi-final with 35 points – and the ride of Rafaล‚’s Eurovision life ended there.

Which version of ‘The Ride’ do you prefer? Do you think Clara’s version is more Eurovision competitive? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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