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Melodifestivalen 2022: Artists We’d Like to See

Melodifestivalen is home to some of Swedenโ€™s most established stars & plays a big role in launching the career of upcoming artists, it attracts a large international audience year on year and in the last decade, has been the driving force behind Swedenโ€™s success at Eurovision.

Weโ€™ve seen a number of new and emerging artists in Melfest over the years, and here are the performers that Iโ€™d like to see enter or return to the competition in the near future.


Normandie are a rock band based in Stockholm. Their lead vocalist is no stranger to the world of Eurovision โ€“ he produced and co-wrote Ireland’s 2021 entry โ€˜Mapsโ€™ for Lesley Roy. Rock songs seem to be rare in recent editions of Melodifestivalen, but as seen yearly with Eurovision, we almost always see entries in national finals reflecting those songs that did well in the previous edition of eurovision. With Mรฅneskin winning & their ever-growing success internationally, will 2022 be the year Sweden sends a rock song? Will Normandie be their answer? Only time will tellโ€ฆ

Normandie Songs we recommend:

  • White Flag
  • Hostage
  • Babylon

Smith & Thell

Smith & Thell are a pop/folk music duo. Formed in 2012, theyโ€™ve become one of Swedenโ€™s most successful acts. Theyโ€™ve written songs before for Melodifestivalen โ€“ in 2015, they wrote ‘Groupie‘ for Samir & Viktor and most recently penned Sannexโ€™s 2021 entry ‘All Inclusive’. Could their next involvement be their debut as performers? Only time will tell.

Smith & Thell songs we recommend:

  • Hotel Walls
  • Radioactive Rain
  • Nangilima

Lance & Linton

One of Swedenโ€™s most exciting up and coming acts is duo Lance & Linton. Friends since childhood, theyโ€™ve been making music together for the last 3 years. Their pop sound would easily fit the Melfest mould, and could easily appeal to a younger demographic. It would be a good platform for them to promote their new music and with a radio hit almost guaranteed it would add to their growing success, their first two songs have over 13 & 14 million Spotify streams respectively.

Lance & Linton songs we recommend:

  • Best Timeโ€™s Right Now
  • Iโ€™m Alive
  • Sunshine

Maja Kristina

Maja Kristina is one of the most authentic pop artists currently on the rise. Her songs are relatable, and she manages to convey her emotions through her songwriting. The songs on her recent self-titled EP are expressive and modern pop music at its best. She says her music is meant to tell a story, and it does exactly that. The music video for her song โ€˜Jessicaโ€™ features 3-time Melodifestivalen contestant Anton Ewald, and is exactly the kind of sound that could stand out at Melfest.

Maja Kristina songs we recommend:

  • Jessica
  • Idiot
  • Self Love Therapy

Patrik Jean

Patrik Jean is no stranger to Melodifestivalen. He co-wrote the 2020 winner โ€˜Moveโ€™ for The Mamas, and entered in 2021 himself with โ€˜Tears Run Dryโ€™. Heโ€™s produced songs for former Melodifestivalen artists such as Mariette, Hanna Ferm and Tusse. His songs outside of Melfest are all written by Jean himself which further conveys his immense talent. Following his debut as an artist at Melfest 2021 and recent sightings at a songwriting camp for Melodifestivalen 2022, weโ€™re almost certain heโ€™ll be back in Melfest very soon.

Patrik Jean songs we recommend:

  • Consequence
  • Gravitate
  • 24


Kadiatou may not have reached the final with โ€˜One Touchโ€™ in Melfest 2021, but it became an instant favourite among fans. At just 19, sheโ€™s already become one of the most interesting R&B/Pop artists on the rise in Sweden. Her future looks bright, and its likely if we see her back in Melfest that sheโ€™ll be serious challenger for the win.

Kadiatou songs we recommend:

  • Lonley Sometimes
  • One Touch
  • Donโ€™t Complicate It

Who would you like to see in Melodifestivalen 2022? Any new acts you think could take Sweden by storm? Or could a returning artist take the trophy home? Let us know!

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