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Melodifestivalen: Semi-Final Rehearsal Reaction 🇸🇪

This weekend we move onto the newly named Semi-Final show of Melodifestivalen (previously Andra Chansen) where four acts will make it through to the Grand Final. We’ve had a sneak peek at some of this week’s rehearsals, and we’re here give you the low down on any changes to the artist’s original performance. We’ve only had the option to see still images this week, so we’ll be cross-referencing back to the heat performances to see what we can spot!

Tone Sekelius – My Way

We have a costume change! Tone is now in a stunning red satin dress compared to her black one from the heat. We have to say, this could be a great move for Tone as it really adds a nice classy pop of colour to the staging and allows her to shine like the star she is.

Alvaro Estrella – Suave

There doesn’t seem to be many changes here. If Alvaro brings his swaggy, charm and energy to Suave like in the heat he is definitely a contender to get through.

Photo: Annika Berglund / SVT

Danne Stråhed – Hallabaloo

Some subtle changes here for Danne, as one of band members, comes out in a full red outfit. It looks like there is a bit of red in the lights too. The old-school outfits with muted colour tones work really well with this song, so we’re not sure if the bright red works well here – he’ll be hopeful this doesn’t damage him and his charm shines through.

Photo: Annika Berglund / SVT

Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power

As mentioned, we can only see still images however Anna looks extremely confident and at home on stage in the pictures we’ve seen. It looks like she’s really going to go for the passion and delivery of this song which could capture the voters and see her through to the final.

Photo: Annika Berglund / SVT

Theoz – Som du vill

Again this is very much the same, however, that is probably a wise move – it didn’t need much changing. The lightning might be ever so slightly different but it’s small. Theoz is still having the time of his life on stage!

Photo: Annika Berglund / SVT

Lisa Miskovsky – Best to Come

Lisa has changed her outfit and has gone for a black sparkling number rather than all sliver like previously, which suits the style of the song better in our opinion. It looks like we’re still getting the storytelling element of the staging which could make it stand out on the night – none of the others really have that element.

Photo: Annika Berglund / SVT

Lillasyster – Till Our Days Are Over

Classic Lillasyster yet again! There isn’t much else to say, the band are going for high impact and personable energy to try and get through to the final.

Photo: Annika Berglund / SVT

Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough

As if this performance wasn’t full of bright, fun colour enough already – Cazzi has changed to a rainbow top and what looks like even brighter rainbow sleeves. But don’t get us wrong, we’re so happy to see her bring the fun! Definitely a contender to get through to next week.

Photo: Annika Berglund / SVT

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What do you think of this new show to Melfest? Who would you like to see in the final? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch the Semi-Final of Melodifestivalen 2022 on SVT’s website live on Saturday 5th March at.

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