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How Not To Flop: Recent Examples of The UK Getting It Right.

Ever since the UK entered its โ€˜flop periodโ€™ (2000 to present), we have seen the former five-time winner and 15-time runner up consistently achieve low results in Eurovision. This has reinforced a negative perception of the contest that exists among the general public in the UK, and has led to viewers and media outlets falsely…

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Out Of The Embers: What’s Next For The UK in Eurovision?

*The opinions made in this article only reflect those of the writer; it is not representative of the views of the entire EuroBuzz team, the EBU, Eurovision or the BBC* The words โ€˜0 pointsโ€™ are something no country wants to hear when it comes to Eurovision. Despite being a memorable result, itโ€™s not one any…