In-depth: Eurovision entries that could be Christmas songs

Which Eurovision songs could double up as Christmas songs?

With the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in May, there’s very rarely any overlap between Eurovision and Christmas. We saw Santa himself award the Eurovision trophy in Helsinki 2007, and most recently we saw a ‘festive’ edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Paris. Otherwise, the two themes generally remain separate from each other, meaning that there have been no Christmas-focused songs entered in the contest (to date).

Nonetheless, there are a handful of Eurovision entries that sound like they could be Christmas songs. Whether its winter-like lyrics or just a festive vibe, these songs could easily slot into a Christmas playlist. See below a selection of Eurovision songs that we think sound like Christmas songs!

Take Me To Your Heaven – Charlotte Nilsson (Sweden 1999)

Credit: ESC Stuff

Perhaps the most obvious choice, Sweden’s 1999 entry by Melfest and Eurovision veteran Charlotte Perrelli (nรฉe Nilsson) is often highlighted as the most Christmas-sounding Eurovision entry. Christmas music and schalger music have a lot in common, with both featuring catchy melodies and happy-go-lucky lyrics. Therefore, its unsurprising that one of the most famous examples of schalger in Eurovision is also one of the most Christmas-like songs in Eurovision. Take Me To Your Heaven also has some striking similarities to Wizzard’s Christmas classic I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, so it could easily be played alongside the usual festive playlist without any complaints.

Den Vilda – One More Time (Sweden 1996)

Credit: escLIVEmusic1

A few years before their 1999 win, Sweden entered with something surprisingly different to their usual style. One More Time represented Sweden in the 1996 contest in Oslo with Den Vilda, an ethereal and atmospheric song that stands out from the usual schlager and pop content we expect from Sweden. With lyrics such as โ€œwinter is lowering its veil and is tucking in the housesโ€ and โ€œstars are sparkling against the ice like clear crystalsโ€, Den Vilda is perhaps the most wintery song that has ever been entered in Eurovision. If you close your eyes and listen to this song, you could imagine yourself spending a cold but cosy Christmas somewhere in a snow-covered village in rural Sweden.

Nรคr jag blundar – Pernilla Karlsson (Finland 2012)

Credit: Eurovision Song Contest

Another Swedish-language song, this time coming from Finland. The Finnish entry for 2012 has a magical-sounding and atmospheric quality that gives connotations of a cosy winter in Finland. The live performance featured red lighting and Pernilla wearing a green dress, giving a strong Christmas vibe in addition to the winter-like song.

Eloise – Arvingarna (Sweden 1993)

Credit: escLIVEmusic1

Going back to Sweden, Swedenโ€™s 1993 entry was performed by frequent Melfest returnees Arvingarna. Their song, Eloise, certainly has a hint of Christmas in its instrumentation due to elements such as jingle bells, harmonies and a catchy melody. Eloise may not be about Christmas, but it sounds enough like one to fit into a Christmas playlist!

Through My Window – Sandra Oxenryd (Estonia 2006)

Credit: Eurovision Song Contest

Yet another Swede appearing in this list, this time representing Estonia in the 2006 contest. A typical schlager number with a catchy melody and festive chimes in the chorus, Through My Window could potentially double up as a Christmas song. Perhaps it could truly be a Christmas song if the lyrics were tweaked so that Sandra was โ€˜looking through her windowโ€™ to see when Santa and his reindeer were arriving?

Love Shine A Light – Katrina & The Waves
(United Kingdom 1997)

Credit: escLIVEmusic1

Christmas songs are nearly always focused around joy and happiness. Therefore, one of Eurovisionโ€™s most joyous winners, Love Shine A Light, fits in to the theme of tidings of comfort and joy. In fact, the Christmas special of BBC comedy King Gary opens with the protagonist playing Love Shine A Light as a Christmas song, justifying it as โ€˜โ€œinspirational and about lightsโ€ – we have to agree!

Ein bisschen Frieden – Nicole (Germany 1982)

Credit: DiscoBar80

Another common theme for Christmas is that of peace. One of Eurovisionโ€™s most classic peace songโ€™s is the German winner from 1982, Ein bisschen Frieden, which has potential to be a Christmas song. The instrumentation itself is familiarly festive, sounding not too distant from classic Christmas songs. Lyrics such as โ€œa little bit of peace, a little bit of happiness, a little bit of warmth, is what I’m wishing forโ€, provide an inspiring message of peace and harmony, aligning with the true meaning of Christmas.

Reise nach Jerusalem/Kudรผs’e Seyahat – Sรผrpriz
(Germany 1999)

Credit: Cรฉvennes 55

Of course, the origin of Christmas is the story of the nativity, featuring the journey of three wise men to the holy land. Similarly, in Germanyโ€™s 1999 Eurovision entry, Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudรผs’e Seyahat, Sรผrpriz sing of a journey to a holy land. By tweaking the lyrics so they describe a journey to Bethlehem, this song could potentially be a welcome addition to a nativity play.

Lost and Forgotten – Peter Nalitch and Friends (Russia 2010)

Credit: Eurovision Song Contest

Not really festive in its music or lyrics; however, there does seem to be a striking similarity between chorus of this and Mudโ€™s Christmas classic Lonely This Christmas. Given the lack of festive songs, this is probably still enough to make it a Eurovision Christmas song!

Do you agree with this list? Let us know which other Eurovision songs you think could be Christmas songs!

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